8 Tracks

October? More like rock-tober, am I right? (I’m sorry. Please pretend I never typed that.) But we do have a solid list this week, with lots of rock and/or roll, punk, indie folk, and genre-bending tracks to make your Saturday even better.

Huron Lines – “Rock N Roll Will Save Your Life”

Let’s kick off this week’s list with an FTS favourite, Huron Lines! They’re back with another killer song, plus a kickass video to go along with it. Check it out, then go read our recent Q&A with the band.

F. Scott and the Nighthawks – “Hold On To Your Heart”

You can never go wrong with an F. Scott song. The latest single will have you singing along, tappin’ your toes, and wanting to hear more. From the band: “Hold Onto Your Heart “sort of turns down the dirt road,” Scott reflects. The record parses out particular fragments of bravado and intoxicating showmanship and braids them with more vulnerable, plaintive moments. It’s a necessary reframing that casts the new record with bright bursts of color that feel authentic and altogether thrilling.”

Blind Mirror – “Soar”

Next up is a sweet slowburn that brings the energy in the chorus. From the band: “The song lyrically touches upon a journey of self reflection and ideal that the band name is about. Learning and growing, to see your full potential versus your downsides.”

The Fades – “I Love Punk Rock”

Do you love punk rock? This song is for you. It’s literally allll about a love for punk rock, and the kickass punk rock bands we’re blessed to have. Such a fun track, you’ll be singing along right away. 

Jake Bracey and the Mountain Laurels – “Synapse”

This one reminds me of a bit of early Hayden, which is a pretty huge compliment coming from me. According to the artist, this “is a song that comes from years of being out on the road playing small venues and dive bars, and the consistent interior argument of trading that life for time with loved ones. It’s about honest songwriting that conveys the difficulties of a life in music.” 

Sunnyside Uppers – “Mary”

Great new track from New Brunswick-based Sunnyside Uppers. It’s a power pop sound and new solo project from the ex-drummer of Glory Glory. Give it a listen, I think you’ll dig it!

Bright Young People – “Lie In The Sun”

When alt-rock meets punk rock, this is the sound you end up with. And in my personal opinion, it’s a damn fine one. From the band: ““Lie In The Sun” features a complex soundscape that boasts electrifying melodies and an infectious beat throughout.” Imbuing a modern indie-rock sound with an attitude hailing from the heyday of the punk movement, Bright Young People are a breath of fresh air.”

Paul Allen – “Symphonies”

Here’s a track all the way from Australia – an indie rock track that’s easy to like, and easy to move to. From the band: “Written about getting through Uni life in Sydney, meant to be a fun song you listen with your mates over a few beers in the sun.”