Switching to Sunday for this week’s 8 Tracks (I know, I know – it’s very controversial), but as always we’re sharing eight stellar songs we think you’re gonna dig.

The Foreign Films – “All The Love You Give”

Let’s kick off this week’s list with a fun song – “All The Love You Give” has a nostalgic feel, and a catchiness that sticks with you. It asks the question, “if you could go back in time, what would you change?”.

Viper Club – “Red Pen”

I defy you not to get outta your seat and move to this track. Viper Club are an alt-rock band that know how to make a catchy rock tune, and this one is no exception.

Matthew Ryan Jacobs – “Living in Between”

If you’re a fan of indie folk or Americana – like Jason Isbell, Matt Mays, or Nathaniel Rateliff – Canadian artist Matthew Ryan Jacobs should be next on your list of must-hear music. Start off with this exceptional track, “Living in Between”.

Leeroy Stagger – “Ventura”

Another mellow song for the list, this time by singer songwriter Leeroy Stagger. This song is a beautiful tribute to a friend who passed away. ‘Ventura’ is the first single from his upcoming album, Dystopian Weekends. Give it a listen, then go back and check out a feature we did on him in 2019.

Antiplanes – “Visceral”

Here’s the debut release from Antiplanes, a brand new UK band creating music that is a mix of different genres and sounds. Let this be your official introduction to a band you’re gonna want to know about – have a listen to “Visceral” and let us know what you think.

Sonic Blume – “Lucy”

Really diggin’ this song from Sonic Blume – it reminds me of great indie from the early 2000s, with a twist of Arcade Fire mixed with The Pixies. This is the first single off their debut album We’re Drifting Further Apart, Aren’t We?, out August 13.

Suicide Star – “Mercy”

Here’s something a little different than you usually see on FTS – we’ve got the latest single from Suicide Star, new rock band from right here in Niagara. They’ve been busy creating music for the past year and a half during the pandemic, and it’s finally getting out to people’s ears. Give it a spin!

Chief Ghoul – “The Blackest of Souls”

Droning psych-rock with a touch of spooky appeal and low vocals that I dig, Chief Ghoul’s latest track is very cool. The Louisville artist’s video is equally fantastic – “…like something out of “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” the story ends with Chief Ghoul unveiling who the real monster is.” Check it out.