It may not technically be summer yet, but we’re getting you into full summer mode with this week’s songs. Get outside, turn ’em up, and share some good music with your neighbours. (They’ll like the songs too, we promise.)

Destroy Boys – “Drink”

Let’s kick it off with a great alt song that has an infectious chorus and a solid message: “Drink is about losing the one thing that gives you comfort so you seek that comfort from booze. It’s a song about addiction and the awareness that you’re harming yourself but not being able to stop.” 

Said The Whale – “Show Me Everything”

Next up we’ve got another great new track from FTS favourites, Said The Whale – this one has such a cool melody, killer chorus, and a hopefulness to it that I love. Some of it reminds me of The Suburbs-era Arcade Fire. Check it out, then go read our recent interview with the band

KRANTZ – “Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)”

Krantz just released this track, co-produced with Cage the Elephant guitarist Lincoln Parrish. “Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)” mixes modern alt-rock, old school rock ‘n roll, and a whole lot of swagger to create this sound. Check out the video!

Girlfriends and Boyfriends – “Forever By My Side”

Really enjoyed this track from Girlfriends and Boyfriends – they’ve got a great new wave sound, with some post-punk and shoegaze elements that make it stand out & make you wanna listen again.

The Joy Formidable – “Back to Nothing”

I was excited to see a new song from The Joy Formidable hit our inbox – their brand new album, Into The Blue is set to be released this August, and the new songs are nothing short of fantastic. Give a listen to “Back to Nothing”, and stay tuned for more!

The Fool’s Horses – “Lies and Deceit”

This next track is by The Fool’s Horses, a rock duo from England – and they’re both 16. Yup, 16. This is a solid alt-rock song with seriously good riffs and a lot of talent for such young musicians.

Nick Sterling and the Nomads – “High”

This song is alt-country/ Americana with an edge – Nick Sterling & the Nomads just released “High”, and it’s got a catchy chorus and the instrumentation is stellar. I’d love to see this one live.

Kirty – “Turn You On”

Kirty recently dropped the third single of her solo project, with the announcement of her forthcoming album, We Are All On Fire. A slight departure from her work with the Fast Romantics, this is a fantastic indie rock track with a great video to go with it.