We’ll be taking a break next weekend for the holidays (and to sleep off our inevitable food comas), so this is the last 8 Tracks of 2020! We’ve already got some great tunes lined up to share in 2021, and of course a killer list this week to end the year on a solid note. Cheers!

Stop That Ship – “Make My Way”

Crunchy guitars, an accessible heaviness, and overall great rock song here. Turn your speakers up, and hit play!

Astropark – “Come Round”

Astropark were going for a “John Hughes movie soundtrack vibe”, and I gotta say – I definitely hear it. It’s giving me all kinds of nostalgia feelings in a great way,

Belaver – “Here It Comes”

Listening to this track, you’d have a hard time believing it was recorded pre-Covid. But it was, and, it’s a great way to end this year. Check out this indie rock track from Belaver. 

Davany – “Keep”

Here’s a bit of a slow jam, but in a cool indie pop/rock way. Really enjoyed this one, and looking forward to hearing more from Davany.

Valerie – “Satellite”

We can’t really have the last “8 Tracks” before Christmas without a seasonal song, can we? Here’s an artist from Niagara with a new track about the holidays – Valerie’s “Satellite” has a relatable, realistic and hopeful spin on the usual Christmas tune.

The Revs – “Time Slippin”

Here’s a fun, energetic track from Ireland’s The Revs – “Time Slippin'” is catchy indie rock with enough poppiness to make you wanna move.

F√ľnyboht – “What You Saw”

Here’s a live-off-the-floor track from Hamilton artist, F√ľnyboht. It’s something different from our usual shared songs, but it grabbed me because it was interesting, unique, and difficult to pin down a genre for it.

BEES! – “Life Coach”

Let’s close off this week’s list with some energy – get up off your ass, turn this one up, and dance like a weirdo. (Can I also just mention how much I love the name of this band? BEES!)


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