First 8 Tracks of the new year – 2021, you made it! We’re looking forward to lots of great tunes this year, so let’s kick it off with a collection of new ones to get us started.

Kathryn Sinopoli – “Waterproof”

We’re always happy to share music from talented artists from right here in Niagara, so we’ve got local singer-songwriter Kathryn Sinopoli back on FTS, this time with her beautiful new track, “Waterproof”!

Justus Young – “Medicine” (Harry Styles cover)

I have to admit, I’ve never heard this Harry Styles song – so I don’t know what the original sounds like. But what I DO know is that I’m diggin’ Justus Young’s version of it. And chances are, you just might as well. 

Patrick Jordan – “Everything and More”

Killer energy to this song, it’s so immediately likeable that I had to share it. Patrick Jordan is an artist from the UK, and he’s definitely one to watch. Give this track a listen!

The Dingbats – “Screwed”

If you’re a fan of Pup, these guys are likely right up your alley – this track is catchy and fun, but you definitely need to listen to it loud! 

High Viz Jackit Theory – “Push It Down”

As I was trying to think of what to write about this tune, other than “I just dig it a lot”, I read the band’s description of it and it just fits better: “A psychedelic dystopia, more Brecht than Big Brother with a dash of Judge Dredd to keep the romantics happy. A spiralling descent into suburban tyrannical pandemonium.” Yeah. What they said.

Among Kings and Queens – “Save You”

If you like Queens of the Stone Age’s older, slightly heavier stuff, Sweden’s Among Kings and Queens is definitely one to listen to. I love the riffs on this track, and the vocals are fantastic as well.

Shared Image – “What’s In Store”

Now for something a little more shoegaze-y, we’ve got Canadian band Shared Image and their latest track, “What’s In Store”. There’s a bit of a throwback feel to this one, like a modern version of a song you’d hear at a 50’s dance. And I mean that in the best way possible.

Fern Wallace – “Elaine” (W20th Mix)

Let’s end this week’s list with a little swaying, a little dancing, or a little understated head-nodding to the beat. Fern Wallace’s first single is a great one, and I’m excited to hear more. 


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