8 Tracks

It’s a holiday Monday in this corner of the world, but the need to share new music doesn’t take holidays – so, here’s the latest and greatest from some bands you know and artists that should be on your radar. Check out the mini reviews, read some info from the musicians, and then get these songs in your ears.

Tripper and the Wild Things – “Fever Dreams”

Another great new single from Canadian indie rockers, Tripper and the Wild Things. This track has a late 90s /early 2000s appeal, like the some of big indie rock songs that were hugely important to us all at the time. From The Band: “Fever Dreams is the title track off of our upcoming EP set for release on September 30, 2022” 

MBG – “I’m Not In Luv”

There’s a great 90s indie rock vibe to this track, but modernized to fit well with its current contemporaries. Hard not to move along to this! From the Artist: ““I’m Not In Luv” explores little harmless crushes and what it means to be a third wheel, with the artist elaborating that “as a queer person having these feelings for your friends of the same sex while still trying to figure yourself out is a little wild, and scary, and this song is a little bit about that.”

Pink Leather Jackets – “Sixteen Forties”

The latest from Pink Leather Jackets is a catchy-as-hell rock tune with punk sensibilities and some grungy 90s vibes. Never a bad song from these guys! Check out their discography for more gems. From the Band: “An anthem and an ode to all the times you got drunk in high school. Sixteen and drinking forties, nothing out of the ordinary, this punk rock track oozing with nostalgia will take you back to the time your friend got kicked out of school, you snuck into a 19+ show, and the bush party you stumbled home from. Sixteen Forties was written by front man Chris Woolley in his beaches apartment in Toronto reminiscing about his desire to overcome the small town mentality and not end up as another small town casualty.”

Barefoot Engineering – “Parks and Recreation Signs”

A great indie rock track from US band, Barefoot Engineering is up next. It has a bit of a cool shoegaze feel to it, but the guitar riffs and drums add the rock edge to really make it stand out. From the Band: “A story of a loop of unrequited love that always ended at the same place. A story of two friends. She just wanted companionship and led him along with her indecisiveness. He was head over heels for her and felt like she didn’t understand. He felt like he tried so hard, and the relationship was always one step forward and two steps back. She would always take him to the park when she wanted to call it off again to soften the blow. It happened so many times that he really started resenting going to the park and eventually resenting her. The truth of it is they were never really good for each other” 

Change of Heart – “Knowthought”

Another one for the list with a great shoegazey feel, this alt rock track is infused with some punk sensibilities for good measure. It reminds me of of some of my favourite songs of the early 2000s. From the Band: “The lead single off of Change of Heart’s upcoming debut LP, ‘Moonsault.’ “Knowthought” is a song over 7 years in the making and lyrically centers on growth and reckoning with fear and shame, which speaks to the development of Change of Heart as a project. Musically, the song is heavily guitar-focused and rooted in 90’s indie rock, shoegaze, post-hardcore, emo & powerpop influnces.” 

Honeycub – “Can’t Deny It”

This song hooked me immediately – it’s undeniably catchy, harder in the right places, melodic, and just plain dang good. This is a band to pay attention to! Add ’em to your list. From the Band: “Can’t Deny It delves into new territory for Honeycub both musically and lyrically. This single was heavily inspired by the band’s experience of the Covid lockdowns. Themes such as boredom, isolation, escapism and a lust for change are ever present in the lyrics. The song represents a throwback to the band’s earlier influences of Weezer, Dinosaur Pile-Up and Blur. A more stripped back production was opted for which reflects where the song was written at the time during lockdown and also pays homage to the band’s earlier work which was all written and recorded in bedrooms.”

Goodnight Sunrise – “Footsteps in the Dark”

Can’t go wrong with a new single from Goodnight Sunrise – and this one has a sultry, moody feel to it. When the chorus hits, it’s sure to have you dancing along. From the Band: ““Footsteps in the Dark” is their most musically ambitious song to date – it’s a mix of real drums and heavily processed samples bouncing from side to side to give a feeling of disorientation over a pulsing bass synth, while guitars appear with an almost heavy metal tone before opening into an anthemic uplifting chorus. “ 

The Trouble Seekers – “Falling in a Dream”

More punk for the list, and this one brings to mind sweaty mosh pits full of happy people. Love the energy and rawness, and it’s paired with an undeniable catchiness. From The Band: “For those not in the know, The Trouble Seekers include Kevin McGovern of the Prostitutes / Inversions and Hillary Burton of the Pandoras firing off 14 tracks of dark and moody punk / new wave on their ‘S/T’ debut. Sometimes aggressive, sometime more dreamy new wave; every song is hammered home with Hillary’s sweet ‘n nasty vocals that work well with the synthesizers and noisy guitars. Solid debut here including 14 bristling tracks displaying the brute sonic attack of synth punk pioneers like the Screamers, Big Black and the Lost Sounds with an almost Hardcore take on the Madonna classic ‘Borderline’.”