The warmer months seem to bring a crazy amount of new music, and so far May has been no different. We’ve compiled eight brand new tracks you need to hear, as well as mini-reviews and info from the artists. Check out this week’s collection!

James Hooker & The Hallows – “Waster”

If you like Wilco, Ryan Adams, and Petty-style vocals, this latest track from James Hooker & The Hallows is right up your alley. From the Artist: “‘Waster’ is a cruisy drive that follows the explosive high-speed vibes of their take-off single ‘Don’t Slow Me Down’. Made up of watery guitar hooks and pulsing rhythm sections, Waster culminates in a climactic guitar solo from lead guitarist Neil Wilkinson. The underlying current of the track is held down by Andrew Braidner and Jayden Ensor. The well-worn themes of love and loss extend like long well-travelled roads on the rock and roll landscape and songwriter James Hooker navigates them like they were his hometown streets.”

Hollands Hill – “Blame You”

Here’s the debut song from Sarnia, ON – based band Hollands Hill. A great 90’s alt throwback sound! If this is how they’re starting out, I can’t wait to hear what comes next. From the Band: “This song in particular is definitely inspired by 90’s Grunge (Nirvana, Hum). Bouncy rhythm combined with heavy guitars and a wicked lead make this song one of if not the favorite of all the songs we’ve recorded so far.”

San Salinas – “Lay Down Your Sword”

I can’t help but dig every song from this artist, and this song is no exception. Always stellar alt rock goodness.

The Man Who – “Less Talking”

Another killer tune from The Man Who – this one has a bit of an alt-country meets Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wide Side” sound, which is a cool combo. From the Band: “The theme of new single “Less Talking” is about letting loose and just letting life take you on a ride. Don’t overthink, just do.”

Paper Tigers – “Hush”

Another intense and killer tune from the UK’s Paper Tigers. Crazy energy on this one, be sure to turn it waaay up! From the Band: “‘Hush’ is the sirens call of self destruction, a call that turns from a whisper to wail and one that is answered every time. ‘Blue Light Trails’ sister song that finds us 6, 12, 18 months down the line still struggling to break free from the hollow escapism. An escalation in self debilitating behaviour and having the worst kept secret in the world, seeing yourself through the eyes of the ones you love and feeling their fear. Letting this imbue you with determination to break the cycle but there’s another night slowly wrapping the city in its cape and there’s a million lights reflecting of the disco ball that all seem so bright an inviting.”

Honeycub – “Battleground”

This is a solid new single from UK band, Honeycub. If you like alt rock, indie rock, 90s grunge, or the perfect mix of all three, this is for you. A killer balance of heavy edge and captivating melodies. Looking forward to hearing more from them! From the Band: “Battleground perfectly encapsulates the zeitgeist of 2022 in 4 minutes of hard hitting alternative-rock. Heavily inspired by the injustice of current world events, the song is a battle cry to all of the oppressed that their voices can be heard and that they have the power to change the world. Lyrics describing standing up for your beliefs and remaining defiant in the face of cruelty and uncertainty were heavily inspired by events during the pandemic such as the BLM movement, murder of Sarah Everard and the constant dishonesty of those in charge.”

Fake Shape – “‘Nother Thought

Here’s another new track from Hamilton-based Fake Shape – it’s a mellow indie rock tune that really brings out the emotions. From the Band: “Fake Shape is an Alternative-Indie band from Hamilton, Ontario that formed in September 2018. All five musicians offer their own aesthetic, creating music that falls between funk, indie-rock, pop and ambient electronic. They have been writing and recording at Fort Rose in Hamilton and are getting ready to release their debut EP, Night Swim. The band’s cynical and resonant new single, “‘Nother Thought,” is about trying to convince yourself that you’re okay when you’re not. It’s about the feeling of trivializing your moods and emotions, instead of fully accepting them. In the end, the song ends positively about overcoming the dark creatures in your mind. “ 

Teenage Fiction – “Holograms”

Here’s some killer indie rock from Canadian band Teenage Fiction. I get a bit of a Sloan vibe from this one – it has a solid rock sound with an accessible pop tinge. Give it a listen! From the Band: “Sonically it sits somewhere in between pop and grunge, with lots of harmonies and introspective lyrics. Big mood change in the chorus.”