Let’s add some stellar new music to your mid-week with these eight new songs. Check out the mini reviews, learn more about the artists, and give the tracks a listen!

RUHMER – “To The Wild”

To kick it off, here’s a great tune from Austrian band Ruhmer, perfect for fans of Arctic Monkeys. Killer melodies and catchiness, plus a solid amount of rock. From the band: “RUHMER starts a new cycle, releasing “TO THE WILD”, telling us about the never-ending series of fall and rise – and how to always keep faith in oneself. The clock is ticking constantly, the worlds mass threatens to suffocate you and forces you to see every setback as a new opportunity. Be strong!”

Strawbz – “Ego”

Really diggin’ the energy on this track from Australia’s Strawbz. Hard not to move along to it and get it stuck in your head long after you’ve listened. I highly suggest you turn this one up and dance around your damn living room. From the Band: “Strawbz is a 5-piece band from Melbourne’s suburbs, consisting of their lead vocalist, Mitch Cocchiara, lead guitarist, Christian Dakis, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist, Marcus Bogovic, Bass, Solomon Britton and Drummer, Zac Rodezno. They are a diverse group of musicians who aim to communicate and reflect their passion of an array of music genres such as pop, alternative and rock to their audience. This mix of genres allows Strawbz to generate the unique tone and vibe that is displayed throughout their music.”

Bigkarma – “Hail to the Chief”

This track from UK band Bigkarma has solid riffs, catchy vocals, and sexy groove to it. From the band: “Hail to the chief is about wanting revolution against our current leadership but being distracted by populist press and seductive social media soundbites. What it is to feel like the trees are voting for the axe when there just has to has to be something better out there.”

Phil The Band – “Lying To Myself”

To me, this song would fit really well on the Singles soundtrack (which is my way of saying that there’s a killer 90s vibe to it). You could even say there’s a bit of a Gaslight Anthem sound, as well. Great vocal melodies, solid guitar riffs, and a healthy amount of fuzz. From the Band: ” ‘Lying to Myself’ is our first single following our debut EP ‘Phoenix Sun.’ I try to keep my lyrics kinda vague and open to interpretation but to me the song is about dealing with internal struggle and how often our own personal battles can be the hardest challenges.” 

Miller Yule – “Evergreen”

Stellar vocals, great poppy vibes, rock-tinged guitar riffs, and a seriously catchy chorus. Overall a really solid song! From the band: “After my last single ‘Lock Me Up’ which is all about being in the jaws of unrequited love and trying to steal someone’s heart, Evergreen can be described as ‘the sequel’. We’re no longer on the run as fugitives, guilty of stealing hearts. Instead, Evergreen is an innocent hot late summer night, driving with the top down, road tripping, getting lost and listening to Springsteen at full volume. We’ve all been there and we’re all nostalgic about having been there, so this song is to remember those ‘late night, street light, summertime dreaming’ moments. Let’s get lost again!”

Dust From The West – “Falling Down”

Some fuzz-fueled rock for you from French band Dust from the West! Really diggin’ their style on this one. From the band: ““Falling Down” features a powerful refrain and a massive final riff inspired by Californian rock. “

Massive – “Reset”

Some definite Green Day vibes with this track – lots of energy, lots of fun. Fantastic song from this Australian band. From the band: “High energy, beer drinking, foot stomping rock n roll band from Australia. Massive are drinking beers and smashing ears. See you at the bar!”

Super OK – “616”

A stellar song here from Super OK. It has a bit of a Foo Fighters sound, with a grungier twist. Excited to hear upcoming songs from them! From the Band: “This was one of the first songs we wrote as a band, and this one is led by Benjamin Buday – a catchy tune with an undercurrent of loss.”