It’s your friendly neighbourhood Music Jerk, here with some new tunes for your mid-week blues. This week we’ve got some new names and some familiar bands, some heavy tracks and some easier listening ones. Pick your poison, and turn ’em up.

Zac and the New Men – “Deeper”

The song has a solid heaviness to it, while still giving us great melodies. It’s hard to believe this is a band of 17 year olds! From the band: “Doing things on your own for yourself because no one else will do it for you. Being judged for who you are from what people see before they actually know you. Going off the rails and making mistakes but pushing on and achieving your goals”

Retro Video Club – “Faking”

Serious mainstream appeal to this one, but still enough of a rock sound to make me dig it. When they say this is ready for stadium crowds, they’re not kidding – it’s sort of a Hotel Mira meets Arkells and Strumbellas sound, which is a high compliment on this site. From the Band: “One to scream at the top of your lungs and put two fingers up in the air to, “​​Faking is about being bitter, and trying to leave one last dig at your ex before moving on with your life,” say the band. “It’s the age old tale of a lover scorned, and how in the 21st century, people get their licks in.” The blistering new single hears frontman Liam Allison vehemently recite texts from an ex-lover, “Baby, I was faking, I’m done with all the things that you gave me, arguments and sex that was overrated,” as a combination of stomping drums, roaring bass, and scorching guitars lifts the track skywards.”

The Royal Foundry – “Hello Dreamer Baby”

Here’s another great track from The Royal Foundry. We always enjoy their music, and this piece of likable indie pop is no exception. From the band: “Canadian indie-alt rock band, The Royal Foundry, found inspiration for their upcoming single, “Hello Dreamer Baby,” on a spontaneous road trip where they discussed their dreams, goals, and their desire to accomplish them in the now. This rhythmic piece of pop rock embodies the attitude that “you are made to be that which you dream to be. No matter how you get there, who you meet along the way, or how many detours it takes – it will always be waiting for you, so try and try and try and try,” emphasizes the band.” 

Friends Don’t Die – “Be Around”

Here’s a really cool track from Friends Don’t Die – it’s accessible indie rock, with an almost shoegazey dark wave feel. Really easy to listen to, and it’s one I think you’ll dig a lot. From the Band: “A song about being there for people that matter most.” 

Central Fresh – “Jail Bird”

This is a light and likeable track from Canadian artist Central Fresh. A little folky, a lot indie, and overall just a great tune. From the artist: “This is a song about people stuck in the penalty box of life. They may get out, but lack the insight to keep from getting sucked back in.” 

Card Reader – “Reminder”

Some pop-punk-y rock ‘n roll for you next track. Solid riffs, great energy, and a chorus that is catchy as hell. From the band: “Produced by Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard). Recorded at the Gradwell House recording studio in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Reminder tells the story of a lost childhood friend who left home one day never to be heard from again. Leaving those closest behind without a reason. This song is about the feeling of losing someone in life while they still walk the earth.”

Bar II – “Let You Down”

This is a rock track all the way from Belgium, for fans of QOTSA, Royal Blood, etc. Great basslines, lots of fuzz, and catchy vocals. From the band: “After their first single Wasted from their EP Wake up. BAR II are thrilled to release their second single « Let you down ». It’s a mighty powerfull stoner track with a string melody and an epic ending . “

Softcult – “UZUMAKI”

Here’s another kickass single and video from the sisters of Softcult – and instead of me giving a quick review, I think the band’s words have more impact here, especially when it comes to the meaning behind the song. From the band: “We wrote Uzumaki about the aftermath of a traumatic experience,” says Mercedes. “35% of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence, and about 10 of every 100 women in North America suffers from PTSD as a result. When the Me Too movement really exploded in 2017 and we all realized how recurrent assault and abuse towards women truly is, it finally gave us the courage to speak up about it and use our platform to let survivors know they aren’t alone”.  

“We wanted the video to make a clear statement about the issue of abuse and assault, so we filmed in locations late at night where women generally feel the most unsafe. We wanted to hit people over the head with the message, so we appear bruised and battered in all the shots. Our goal was to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, constantly questioning where the danger could be coming from.”