Tyler Elden

New Jersey musician Tyler Elden performs both as a solo artist, as well as with a high energy backing band. His musical style is unique and varied, featuring influences that range from progressive rock to folk. He’s recently released his latest single, “Bruised Love”, the debut track from his new musical collective called The Night Figures.

“Bruised Love” is a tale of struggling internally in an environment that makes it hard to make positive changes to your life,” says Tyler Elden of his new single. “Losing your sense of self & depersonalization are also major themes of the song.

With its stellar shoegaze-meets-90s rock appeal, “Bruised Love” boasts deep and soulful vocals that are perfectly complemented by the moodiness of the overall sound. The song features captivating changes in tempo and style, shifting from slow and introspective verses to a big and explosive chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. The guitar riffs are particularly noteworthy, with a distinctive style that adds an extra layer of depth to the sound of the song.  All in all, “Bruised Love” by Tyler Elden & The Night Figures is a must-listen, perfect for alt rock fans looking for a new song to add to their playlists.

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