The Midnight Vortex
Photo: Emma Wurfel

London-based alternative five-piece, The Midnight Vortex have just released their latest single, “Run”.  After a year of playing shows built around their heavier songs, they’ve decided to release new music that caters more to that side of their sound. They chose the four songs that were best received by live audiences to record – the first of those singles, “Run” captures that rock energy with a moody and dark undertone, and a message about wanting to escape. 

When the trials and tribulations of everyday life are weighing you down, holding you back and messing with your mind you feel desperate to escape,” says the band about the single. “Sometimes the only option is to run – to free yourself from the troubles or to give yourself some distance and get a better perspective.

“Run” gives stellar grittiness right off the bat, alongside melodic powerhouse vocals and infectious, hard-hitting drums. The huge chorus adds to the intensity and overall rawness of the track. One can only imagine how amazing this single would sound live, so it’s no wonder that The Midnight Vortex dug into their heavier side. Keep an eye out for more from this band, as they’re definitely ones to watch.

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