The Max Headroom

Australian alt-rock five-piece, The Max Headroom have just released their latest single, “Alright”. Written as the world was opening up after extended lockdowns, the song is an ode to the feeling of getting out again, returning to normal, and finally being able to enjoy the nightlife. Their first release of the new year, “Alright” is their most energetic single to date, accompanied by a slick new music video.

Alright is a song that represents that feeling of saying f*ck it, let’s just have some fun,” says lead singer Ben Martin. “It is about letting go and just releasing the anxiety that builds up in day to day life. Sometimes that feeling is hard to voice but you feel it build up and build up, until you just need that release either through a night out partying, dancing, singing or even just relaxing. Alright is a song that describes releasing anxiety through having a good time.

Mixing energetic alt-rock and indie pop, “Alright” will get listeners moving right from the jump. Infectious guitar riffs drive the song forward, and the vocals are simultaneously melodic and gritty, adding a garage rock style to the sound. Overall, this is a feel-good track, perfect for the start of warmer weather (at least here in Canada); the kind of song you’ll want to turn way up, put the car windows down, take in the sunshine, and listen to on repeat as you get out of the house and experience life again. With this killer new single, The Max Headroom will have you feeling hopeful about better times to come.

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