Modern Guilt

London, UK-based three-piece, Modern Guilt have just released their new 5-song EP, We’ll Always Have Vegas. It’s an album that narrates a tale through a mix of indie, classic, and alt rock styles, exploring themes of happiness through the lens of an individual in Las Vegas – “a pilgrimage to false joy, in search of feeling”.

The new EP is about the fruitless, delusional and intoxicating arc of reaching into the pit of ourselves and having a good rummage around, chasing complete pleasure and the internal narratives, stories and monologues that accompany each stage of the rise and fall, from looking for the cure to emptiness and loneliness into the circus of nights in and nights out and back to the beginning again,” says Jaz, frontman for Modern Guilt.

The EP kicks off with recent single, “Talking To Myself,” a catchy slice of indie rock infused with a classic rock style that is sure to get listeners moving with its stellar guitar riffs. “Joy Control” maintains the catchy rock energy with an almost ’70s flair, followed by “I Want To Show You God,” bringing some vocal intensity with a slowburn sound that explodes into a rocker. If you’re a fan of The Doors, let this song be your intro to the band. The penultimate track, “How To Buy Happiness,” is a groovy jam, and then the EP concludes in a memorable mellow track full of feeling and heart with “Gramophone Remedy.”

Overall, We’ll Always Have Vegas can draw some comparisons to The Rolling Stones at their best, with a touch of garage rock coolness and a nod to The Strokes. All together, it’s a must-listen from front-to-back, letting the story seamlessly weave its way through the songs as intended.

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