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Formed in 2020 in London, Menaura is a musical collective made up of members from all over Europe, including Sweden, Poland, England, Norway, and Italy. The band’s past year was spent actively gigging around London, and releasing two singles in the process. They’ve recently unveiled their third single, “Suburbia” – a melodic indie rock track that serves as an ode to years of suburban living, full of big dreams and a repetitive lifestyle.

It’s a collection of melodies that sprung up from the anti-individualist surroundings in which a child is trying to treat a saddened heart, thirsty for meaning, ” says Douglas Runebjörk (guitar/vocals), who wrote “Suburbia”

“Suburbia” has an intriguing art rock style, alongside driving guitar, and melodic vocals that mix beautifully with the backups. The song pulls indie, alt rock and shoegaze elements, pairing them with a huge overall sound – there are so many layers to the track, you’re sure to discover something new every time you listen. This genre-spanning single is one that will appeal to audiences of all kinds, as there’s a balance of brightness and darkness that makes the song especially captivating. If you have a chance to see this band live, I highly suggest you do! 

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