Bar II

Belgium-based rock band Bar II have just released their latest single, “Wake Up!” – the final release from their 6-track EP, with a sound that will appeal to fans of Royal Blood, Wolfmother, and Rival Sons. With this single, Bar II brings the catchy rock energy that fans have come to expect, in keeping with the band’s solemn aim to focus on “pure, raw, dark deranged rock music.”

For your skills, for your pleasure, your hopes and regrets, your unaccomplished dreams, for your girl/boyfriend, wife/husband and your children, for your planet & your future, for your anger and your rage that’s hiding behind your tears, wake up for the days you don’t wanna miss, your lifestyle and your requests, to do what you need to do, now is the time to wake up,” says the band of their new single.”[“Wake Up”] Is the final chapter of BAR II’s 6-pack EP produced over the last 2 years. Some new stuff is on its way, but to increase the desire, we have to kick this one out and WAKE UP!!

“Wake Up!” takes its subject matter seriously, with big catchy riffs and huge sound. The song is melodic yet raw, frenetic yet focused – it’s an anthemic rock song that’ll have you repeating the chorus long after you’ve listened. The compelling style stands up against other garage rock heavy hitters. With this track, Bar II is certainly getting their message across to the masses, and ensures that they’ll keep listening.

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