the rundown

Stellar new songs for your weekend playlists – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist.

Samuel Mason – “Black Masses”

Country: USA

Genre: Garage rock

Quick Pitch: “We make groovy tunes for fun and to express our thoughts/feelings.”

Manors Creep – “stay”

Country: USA

Genre: Hard Rock / Classic Rock

Quick Pitch: “people seem to dig Manors Creep style rock, we aren’t tryin to get rich – just improve ears”

The Frickashinas – “Are We Not Doing Phrasing Anymore?”

Country: USA

Genre: Pop Punk / Punk

Quick Pitch: “This song was born from the first riff I came to the band with. We wrote this whole song in about 45 mins. Once completed, we quickly got into the studio to produce this track. We worked with Scott from 10 Foot Pole, and shot the video while we recorded. This video is a pretty good example of what a day in the studio with us is like. Mostly goofing off, and a little bit of music getting done.”

Retroverb – “Santa Ana”

Country: USA

Genre: Indie Rock / Alt Rock

Quick Pitch: “This song is about the changes that happen in ones life and how the Santa Ana winds affect all people. The Santa Ana winds are native to southern California and terrorize the inhabitants for several months during the fall and winter. the winds change people and pull them apart from one another.”

Brother Starling – “Mountain of Blame”

Country: USA

Genre: Classic Rock

Quick Pitch: “This is a song about a child coming to terms later in life about their crappy upbringing and working on forgiveness.”

Holy Tokes – “Empire”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Quick Pitch: “Lower class rights, rebellion, and fury are emanating from Vancouver’s Holy Tokes’ latest track “Empires.” Following up the previously released “Ghosts,” “Empires” is backed by a bombastic rhythm section of grooving bass and adept drum work, starting with a quick, jumpy, and warbly synth line. The song then builds intensity with a catchy guitar riff as lead singer Mark Lingelbach sings about the apathy of the wealthy.”