the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes from all over the world – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist.

Moon Lama – “Rome”

Genre: Indie Rock

Country: Germany

From the Artist: “The song is about the separation in the society and how this “us vs. them” paradigm despite being obviously harmful for everybody remains one of the main driving forces of human existence. 

Creature Comfort – “Kudzu From Heaven”

Genre: Indie Rock/Pop

Country: USA

From the Artist: “The single follows the band’s critically acclaimed sophmore 2020 LP Home Team, which earned praise from American Songwriter, PopMatters, The Wild Honey Pie, Atwood Magazine, V13, Substream Magazine and more. Standout singles “Big, Buff and Handsome” and “Black Cat” earned mulitple playlist placements, including NPR Music’s New Music Friday playlist and Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Rock and Folk Pop editorial playlists.”

Francis Baptiste – “Sneqsilx (Family)”

Genre: Indie Rock

Country: Canada

From the Artist: “Francis Baptiste’s new single “Snəqsilxʷ (Family)” is written in Nsyilxcən, the endangered language of the Syilx people. Baptiste, an Indigenous (Syilx) songwriter from the Osoyoos Indian Band, has incorporated this rare language into his forthcoming debut album, which also titled Family (Snəqsilxʷ).”

Mia Mera – “The Words Just Get in the Way”

Genre: Indie Rock

Country: USA

From the Artist: “When you communicate with someone on a deeper level, there’s really no way to describe it. Equally so, when you’ve grown apart and it’s time has come to an end, no explanation will do. Words are a cheap, meaningless and ineffectual way to communicate. We all know this, but we torture ourselves anyway.

This song does not have any solutions, just a minimalist aesthetic set to a background of complicated feelings.

There, that should clear things up.”

Bad Penny – “K.Y.S.”

Genre: Alt Rock

Country: Netherlands

From the Artist: “K.Y.S. is an accumulation of unpleasant memories of awful people, which turned to work itself out in the best way possible. You can call it garage, rock, indie, punk, or even pop. It might sound sweet, but it stings too.”

Duovert – “Just A Teenager”

Genre: Alt Rock

Country: Brazil

From the Artist: “Just a teenager was composed for all that feel doubts in any situation, independently of age. Based on the decisions we made daily, sometimes we cannot see what is good or bad for our future. Sometimes, we see something in the mirror that isn’t aligned with our expectations.”

Music By KOTA – “Strangers”

Genre: Indie Rock

Country: USA

From the Artist: “Strangers is a super high energy indie rock tune!”

Miltown – “Respect for Authorities”

Genre: Garage Rock

Country: Denmark

From the Artist: ” A catchy song about LSD being used as a performance enhancing drug, rather than being used recreationally, to get ahead on your workplace”

Spoon and Forkestra – “Blink Twice”

Genre: Indie Rock

Country: Germany

Artist’s Quick Pitch: “While the essence of Blink Twice had been floating around in the band’s minds for a long time, they only cracked the strong energy of the song when recording their EP in spring 2021.

In a song about their own troubles with dissociation, Spoon and the Forkestra’s lead singer Emily-Mae Lewis depicts the personal topic in a writing style that, by its quick changes of scenery, captures the disorienting feeling of dissociation.”