the rundown

Get your new music fix with these brand spankin’ new tunes from all over the world – you can also find these songs on our Limited Time Offer Spotify playlist. 

The Stone Hands – “Sleeper”

Country: Canada

Genre: Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: After releasing 13 songs in 2023 under a different band name, this is our first single as The Stone Hands. Now being the unknown “new band” in a scene with long time acts, we are now positioned as the underdogs or the “Sleepers”.

Tablefox – “Don’t Wait for Me To Be What You Want Me To Be”

Country: New Zealand

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: ‘Don’t Wait For Me To Be What You Want Me To Be’ draws inspiration from the 1993 cult movie Falling Down. The song, led by singer Clinton Bell, delves into the complexities of human emotion, exploring the internal conflicts that everyone encounters. The song title itself hints at the central theme, conveying a message about authenticity and not conforming to others’ expectations. The influence of Falling Down is evident in the song’s narrative, mirroring the movie’s exploration of the struggles faced by the average person. The single confronts the darker voices that can haunt the mind, aligning with the film’s themes of idealism, bravado, and the inherent flaws in humanity.

Bad Buddy – “Q.B.”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: “Cheerleader? Nah, I’m the QB,” Andi Vissia sings in “Q.B.” The quarterback is the star of the football show – the main event, baby! “Q.B.” marks the first co-write between Andi and Bad Buddy’s main songwriter, Emily Bachynski. Andi wrote this song during a significant period of change when she was feeling insecure about her abilities as a musician and felt judged by people who she thought were going to be supportive. Despite several setbacks with the music video shoot, Bad Buddy are extremely pleased with the result. The music video for “Q.B.”, conceptualized by Andi and directed by Emily, features the band members growing increasingly exasperated by other people telling them what to do.

The Dodies – “Falsetto”

Country: US

Genre: Garage Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Crafted with precision and passion, “Falsetto” is the product of a collaborative genius, featuring production and recording contributions from the legendary Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Sons of Apollo/ex-Guns N’ Roses), alongside The Dodies’ meticulous artistry. With “Dreamism” boasting their most ambitious project to date, “Falsetto” emerges as a monumental anthem that pushes the boundaries of sound and emotion. The track is an audacious blend of biting synth bass and heavy guitars laying the groundwork, while massive drum beats and The Dodies’ compelling live performance elevate the song to new heights.

Apopheniac – “Crash”

Country: Denmark

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Crash is an indie rock song by the upcoming Danish band Apopheniac. The song is hard hitting, energetic and with a powerful message. The song is the first in the upcoming EP “The Swallows” scheduled to release mid 2024.

hatsnriver – “Small Town Preacher”

Country: Austria

Genre: Punk

Words From the Artist/PR: Small Town Preacher is the 2nd single of our upcoming LP. This song is about personal experiences with grief, the catholic church and a priest that didn’t live up to his parents expectations.

The Space Turtles – “Sticks and Stones”

Country: US

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: Sticks and Stones is about the internal struggle against inner demons and hope. It’s a fight against self-destruction.

Jules – “Chakra”

Country: Canada

Genre: Indie Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: ‘Chakra’ is an alternative rock/pop masterpiece that delves into the theme of toxic energy and the individuals who disrupt positive vibes. Inspired by personal experiences, the song confronts those who bring negativity into our lives with their ego-driven behaviour and demanding attitudes. Jules’ distinctive voice and raw emotion shine through as she delivers a powerful message of empowerment and liberation. Reflecting on the single, Jules commented, “My secret weapon is writing songs about the people that piss me off, and who knows, maybe this will be their favourite song! ‘Chakra’ is my way of reclaiming my energy and setting boundaries with those who try to bring me down.”

The Lets – “There Is No Time”

Country: Germany

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: The album will be released on June 21, 2024 and was produced during the lockdown in the Corona pandemic in the legendary Downtown Bluesclub in Hamburg, which had to be closed at the time and thus became the working and living space of the band, including the producer and families, for two weeks. Since the club ultimately closed, these recordings are the last contemporary document of the outstanding sound of these rooms.

Cancel Winter, Nate Kreiswirth – “How Long”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist/PR: “For fans of Bloc Party, mid 2000s alt rock this emotional heavy hitter is for you. Upbeat with driving drums and emotive cathartic lyrics”