holiday rundown

Today’s Rundown is a little different than our normal ones, because it’s alllll holiday-related tunes that have hit our inbox this season. It’s our only holiday feature this year, so be sure to dig in! Plus, all songs can be found on our Limited Time Offer playlist on Spotify.

Imogen Clark – “I Got Dumped For Christmas”

Country: Australia

Genre: Indie Rock

Words From the Artist:  “Imogen Clark writes honest, and often humorous tales of love gone wrong, and the holidays are no exception. This tongue-in-cheek tune chronicles heartbreak around the holidays. Inspired by the same ex as “Compensating,” Imogen sings “I got dumped for Christmas/And you know it kinda sucks/How the elf can I be merry?/Your timing was extraordinary”

Planet X – “Santa Isn’t Real”

Country: Canada

Genre: Alt Rock

Words From the Artist: “Two little boys find out the horrible truth about Santa Claus!!”

Willie Stratton – “Christmas In Hawaii”

Country: Canada

Genre: Acoustic

Son of Stone – “28 Winters Left”

Country: Sweden

Genre: Pop Rock

Words From the Artist: “This is a perfect winter and Christmas song with a reminder to enjoy the time we have left together -“We have only 28 winters left now”

Lost Remotes – “Merry Christmas One And All”

Country: UK

Genre: 90s Rock

Words From the Artist: “Tommy Bastow (Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, Never back down 4) Ciaran Duce and Richard Rayner present ‘Merry Christmas one and all’, their debut release as a band. Royal blood meets Slade in this story of how Santa Claus got a little too merry this Christmas, leaving Mrs S to pick up the pieces.”

Penelope’s Thrill – “Christmas on the Moon”

Country: US

Genre: Indie Rock

Words From the Artist: “This is a Christmas rock song with an upbeat vibe with a trio of classic guitars (Gretsch, Strat, and Telecaster) and real sleigh bells!”

Mattie Leon – “Something From Me”

Country: Canada

Genre: Singer Songwriter

Words From the Artist: “Every year someone says, “I don’t want anything for Christmas this year. No gifts. It’s just too much”. But what they fail to realize is that it’s not a hassle, it feels good to get a gift for someone you care about.

It’s selfish generosity.”

Brothers of Song – “Give it up for Hanukkah”

Country: Canada

Genre: Indie Pop

Words From the Artist: “An original Hanukkah song to inspire young listeners to celebrate the magic of the season”