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The long weekend is coming up, and that means more opportunities to get out and see some live bands. If your Friday night is wide open, we’ve got plans for you – A Damn Good Friday with The Weather Wild, happening at Warehouse in St. Catharines with supporting acts, Mattie Leon and Midnight Vesta.

If you haven’t heard of The Weather Wild yet, here’s your first taste. Based out of St. Catharines, this 6-piece offers something a little different – they’re a straightforward rock band with catchy hooks, plus the addition of fiddle and pedal steel for a unique sound and stellar live show. With only a few gigs under their belt, they’ve already sold out Warehouse Concert Hall and played some dream venues around Southern Ontario.

They’re currently recording their first EP and getting ready for some upcoming festival shows, after their Warehouse show this Friday and an opening slot at The Dakota Tavern the next night.

I asked the band a few questions about their start, their dream venues, and the potential for rockstar behaviour in future green rooms. Here are some of the answers from the 6 members:
Nolan Jodes – Vocals, guitar
Jay Edonel – Guitar
Kevin Donovan – Drums
Lauren Leprich – Fiddle
Brad Hewitt – Bass
Sandro Rocco – Pedal steel, mandolin

From the Strait: How did the band start?

Sandro: I met Jason through Kijiji. It was weird. I thought he was a singer. So we played a couple songs just rhythm guitar and pedal steel. After he left, he mentioned knowing Nolan, who was a singer. Things must have been happening in the background, because a few months later there was five of us on board. A month or so later we brought Brad on board to round out the bottom end.

Nolan: The band started by me answering a Kijiji ad which ended up being Jay looking to start a band. He had already met with Sandro previously, and needed a singer… we shared a love of similar music and Stetson hats and decided we should seek out another couple people and make some noise. Lauren and Kevin soon joined in and we tried out a few bass players until we finally found our own perfect “Brian” Brad. Now we need a backing choir and probably a Flava Flav type hype man or woman and we’ll all be set.

Brad:  I was the last one to join the band, I assume they googled “worlds greatest bass player” and when that guy wasn’t available, they tried “worlds okayest bass player” and when he couldn’t make it, they must’ve searched “A guy with a bass” and here I am!

From the Strait: What artists/albums are you currently listening to?

Jay: Dave Hause – Kick, Shovels and Rope – By Blood, American Aquarium –Things Change, and a whole lot of Nirvana/Smashing Pumpkins and Basement.

Sandro: My Spotify recently played is as follows:
Mean Dog, Trampoline – The Suitcase Junket
La voce del mandolino – Sebastiaan De Grebber
Grinderman 2 – Grinderman
The Constantines – Constantines
A Drink After Midnight – The Country Side of Harmonica Sam

Nolan: My recent Spotify is Hot Water Music, Matt Mays, Wilco and Public Enemy.

From the Strait: In your short time playing shows, you’ve already sold out Warehouse, played The Horseshoe Tavern and are about to play The Dakota – those are some legendary venues. What’s your bucket list venue to play?

Kevin: We’ve already played my dream stage so it’s on to whatever opportunities come our way.

Jay: Red Rocks Amphitheatre and The Ryman Auditorium.

Brad: Scotia bank/ACC cause go leafs go!

From the Strait: What would be your green room must-haves on your rider? Anything goes.

Sandro: A bottle of Marynissen Cab Sauv and Jalepeño Crunchy Cheetos.

Nolan: Preferably some craft beers from Eastbound Brewing Company out of Toronto, a bottle of Basil Hayden Bourbon and a mountain of chicken nuggets… enough to fill a bathtub.

Kevin: Sugar free Monster energy drinks, at least 12 Budweiser, and extra cheesy nachos

From the Strait: In three words or less, describe The Weather Wild’s sound.

Nolan: Indie, hooks & Twang

Jay: Rock and/or Roll…ish

Kev: Toe tapping fun

Lauren: Alt country rock

Brad: Not THAT country

Sandro: Greasy Slinky Toy

Be sure to grab your tickets for this one – and come early to catch the insanely talented Mattie Leon (one of the features in our “Your New Favourite Band” series) with a familiar face on bass, if you’ve watched our clips with The Celebration Army. Plus Midnight Vesta, a fantastic band from Toronto you’re going to want to know about.

It’s a can’t-miss show, all around. See you there!


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