Mad Mungus

Niagara four-piece Mad Mungus have just released their first single, “Whoa Love”, featuring the talented Laurel Minnes on backing vocals. We caught up with the band (Warren, Dave, Neil & Pat, respectively), to chat about the song, how they got started, what local bands they dig, and how they came up with the name “Mad Mungus”.

From the Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Whoa Love”.

Mad Mungus: Although it doesn’t come across as your conventional love song – it’s still a love song. It’s about conflict and conflict resolution within a long-term relationship. A simple explanation turned grandiose. And the response that ensues.  A story of controlling love on a backdrop of a cold snowy winter night.  It sways between descending and ascending rhythms while there is a struggle between the narrator and the muse.  The mood is apologetic and somehow, impatient.

FTS: How did Mad Mungus become a band?

Mad Mungus: Mad Mungus is a story of two musical forces (Neil/Warren from the band Rondam and Dave/Pat from the band Impervious Three), colliding through serendipity.  Neil had a bunch of songs that he played on his acoustic and sang.  He wanted a band but could only find a drummer (Warren).  After a long time rehearsing as a duo, Neil and Warren found a bass player (Dave).  They recorded some demos as a trio and then invited the guy recording the demos (Pat) to join in on electric guitar.  Now Mad Mungus is a 4-piece extra value meal.

FTS: What are some Niagara bands & artists that you guys are listening to lately?

Mad Mungus: Stellar Ash, Whatzername, The Weather Wild, Treetops, The Cocktails, The Minimum Wage, and the amazing Laurel Minnes who helped with vocals on this tune.

FTS: Who were your biggest musical influences growing up, and how do they differ from your current ones? 

Mad Mungus:
Warren – Growing up I listened to anything that was in heavy rotation:  Kris Kross, En Vogue, Sophie B. Hawkins, Ugly Kid Joe.  Now I like interesting lyrics:  The Band, Tom Petty, Snoop Dog, Beck etc.. 

Dave – Growing up it was the typical 90s grunge with 70s playlist (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Beatles).  As I’ve gotten older my tastes have widened. Lately I’ve been influenced by bass players with big sounds (Ed Breckinridge from Thrice, Brian Cook from Botch, Russian Circles). 

Pat – Growing up I loved popular 90’s stuff like Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Blind Melon, Ben Harper etc…  Now I find myself on YouTube free-falling down rabbit holes listening to everything that’s out there for hours at a time. 

Neil – I still love the music I listened to growing up.  They were and continue to be my biggest musical influences:  The pixies, Violent Femmes, Portis Head, The Band, all Grunge and 90’s rock and hip hop.

FTS: Tell us about the name “Mad Mungus”.

Mad Mungus: The name Mad Mungus comes from when I was a child my father who was an English professor, would call himself the evil Mad Mungus Mcgillicuddy and chase me and my friends around the house.  I found out later on in life that my friends were actually terrified of him as he was 6′ 2″ 230lbs. And because of chasing them around the house calling himself a monster.

……He wasn’t actually a monster though.

FTS: If each band member were a superhero, what would their superpower be?

Mad Mungus:
Dave:        Immune to Drugs and Alcohol

Neil:         Can make anything out of Wood

Pat:          Able to play any instrument he picks up

Warren:  Knows the answer to any question that doesn’t matter

Check out the lyric video for “Whoa Love”, the debut single by Mad Mungus!