Mountain Head
Photo: Paul Wright

Canadian alt duo Mountain Head have just released their latest single, “Internet” – it’s an infectious track about the irony of endless information on the internet devolving into disputes and trolling. Ahead of their Niagara show on October 14th with Danko Jones at The Sanctuary in Ridgeway, we caught up with the Hannah brothers to chat about the new music, what made them want to become musicians, and their advice for new musicians.
From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Internet”.

Mountain Head: Internet came about when the brothers were hanging in the kitchen. Ben was on the computer and Kyle started playing the nose bass, after hearing the riff Ben started beat boxing to it. The brothers went down and recorded the demo that night. After being invited out to GGGarth Richardson’s studio and playing a pile of songs for him Garth selected Internet as the single to work on during the sessions.

From The Strait: What first made you want to be musicians? Was it a song, an artist, or just an undeniable pull to make music?

Mountain Head: Feed my Frankenstein in Wayne’s world blew our minds when our parents showed us. We were playing air guitar on mini sticks. This opened up a chasm that never stopped pulling us in. We were hanging backstage at Alice Cooper a couple weeks ago and it kind of felt like a full circle moment.

From The Strait: If you had advice for a new musician just starting out, what would it be?

Mountain Head: Your influences are great, but keep going until you start finding your own sound, and voice and start creating your own art. Once you start churning out who you are your artistry will be born. Also don’t stop, and don’t be worried about what your neighbour is up to.

From The Strait: What do you do when you have an overload of songs written – how do you choose which ones make the cut? 

Mountain Head: We usually stick with the ones we’re most excited about or the ones that get churned out while still in the inspiration spark. If there is a pile, we’ll stick to where we’re being pulled the most.

From The Strait: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 albums would you hope to have with you?

Mountain Head: 

Blonde on Blonde
Sgt Peppers
Axis Bold as love
All Things Must Pass
Okey Dokey – Natural Child


Check out “Internet”, the latest single from Mountain Head!

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