Photo: Shawn Goldberg

Ahead of their new album release later this summer, Toronto/Hamilton alt-country band LeBarons have just released their latest single, “Through To You”. We caught up with the band to chat about the new song, their upcoming album (Days Are Mountains, out August 11th), and the band’s superhero alter egos.

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Through To You”.

LeBarons: “Through To You” is about documenting the frustration and desperation of hopeless causes, but also the conviction and sincerity within each of us to keep going or to know when to draw the line.

From The Strait: What can fans expect from your new upcoming album, Days Are Mountains?

LeBarons: People can expect to hear our unique brand of Canadiana/alt-country, but they might have to listen a little harder on this record. We pushed the limits of the genre to the outskirts. There’s definitely a punk undertone on this record, and we explored a wider palette of sounds and textures to bring these tunes to life. The songwriting is stronger, more refined, and the band as a whole sounds better than ever.

From The Strait: What was it like to work with Cone McCaslin and John Dinsmore for this release?

LeBarons: We’ve worked with Cone McCaslin and John Dinsmore since almost the beginning. Cone produced our first 7″, and our first EP (and every record since) was tracked at John’s studio, The Lincoln County Social Club. They’re both talented Producers, and exemplify the importance of why an artist should learn to listen to others, because that’s when your art improves. Their expertise and friendship is so valued. At times, my goal with the band has been to play well enough to keep Dinsmore from leaving.

From The Strait: What bands/artists have you been listening to most lately? Any under-the-radar acts that our readers should know about?

LeBarons: There was a Toronto alt-country band from Toronto called 100 Dollars that played frequently a decade or so ago. Ive always liked them, but lately I can’t get enough. They were ahead of their time and their recordings are so good. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Rick White, who coincidentally recorded the first 100 Dollars record.

From The Strait: If each member of LeBarons was a superhero, what would each of their names and superpowers be?

Casey – Steel Balls. His power is self explanatory.

Megan – Swigsy – Her power would be to open a can of beer louder than any mortal in the universe.

Evan – The Mongoose – His power to melt faces with a Tele would be unprecedented.

John – Captain Beef – His power would be to appear when you didn’t know how to use your smoker and save the day.

Po – Hilario – Through the power of hilarity, he would annihilate his enemies. 

Chris – according to my six-year-old, my super hero name would be Magnificent Jeans and I’d have super strength


Check out “Through To You”, the latest single from LeBarons!

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