Fake Shark

Vancouver-based Fake Shark are known for their pop-tinged alt rock songs, gaining critical acclaim and a constantly growing fanbase. They’ve just released their latest single, “Save Me”, a captivating and energetic head bopper, with gritty guitar and killer vocals. We caught up with Fake Shark to chat about the song, how the band got together, and their songwriting process. 

From The Strait: Tell us about the new single, “Save Me”.

Fake Shark: It’s a song about realizing you’ve surrounded yourself with people who don’t care or about you, or worse, are using you. It’s hopeless feeling. And you ignore red flags for a long time to be nice and it only makes things worse.

FTS: How did Fake Shark get together?

Fake Shark: Louis and Kevvy started a punk band years and years ago that basically came to a halt, and reformed as the band Fake Shark. Tony was a fan of the original punk band and was discovered by us from his drum covers of our songs. Kevvy met Alex when he produced an album for a rapper Alex was drumming for named Anami vice, and Jake came into the fold when we started to heavily tour our record at the time, faux real.

FTS: Every band has their own way of creating songs – what is your songwriting process like?

Fake Shark: Usually, Kevvy writes a bunch of songs at home, records working demos, and the band comes in, adds their ideas on top.

FTS: What are some under-the-radar bands or artists you love that should be on our readers’ lists?

Fake Shark: My favorite bands in the world are OBGMS, and Vowws.

FTS: Since you’ve got a tour coming up, this is a timely question – what has been your favourite venue to play? (And what in your opinion, makes a venue great?)

Fake Shark: Well, we saw that a certain artist booked a massive Canadian tour, and one of the dates he’s literally playing Boston Pizza, and we love that idea because it cuts out the travel time from venue TO Boston pizza. Plus, if our sets going badly, the audience can just play Big Buck HD.

Check out “Save Me”, the new single from Fake Shark!

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