Another week, another killer collection of new songs you need to hear. Lots of different genres represented, so give ’em a listen and find some new favourite artists!

Glympse – “Leap”

To kick off this week’s list, here’s a new track from Glympse – if you like deep vocals and great guitar riffs, you’re sure to dig this one.

Elephant Castle – “I’m A Loser”

With this track, Elephant Castle are bringing groovy psychedelic indie rock, with some classic rock vibes. Super catchy, and would be a perfect song for long drives.

Kandle – “How Can You Hurt Me”

Here’s the latest single from BC singer-songwriter Kandle – this one’s groovy and pop-tinged, and will having you swaying along with it.

the noodle boys – “Volume 5”

First the band name caught my attention. Then the 80s vibes got me chair-dancing. So, now it’s your turn – do some chair-dancing to the Noodle Boys. There’s a sentence I’ve never said before. 

Bad Child – “Behave”

Here’s a Canadian band, BAD CHILD with their latest track, “Behave”. It’s a little different than what we usually share, but it managed to hook me in, and I thought some of our readers just might dig it too. As I type this, it’s firmly stuck in my head.

The People Between – “We’re Coming Back”

This is just cool. It’s a collaboration by Jim McGuinn (Saint Small) and Nick Petropoulos, created while social distancing with over 30 worldwide guests – Weakerthans, Dream Syndicate, Trupa Trupa, Brian Setzer, and other notable artists.

Choosing Sides – “Breakfast”

For me, this song by Choosing Sides sounds like Hotel Mira meets The Killers, but with extra grit to it. And that’s a big compliment from me. Really enjoyed this track, give it a listen!

Animal Waves – “In The Ground”

Killer grungy garage rock by Animal Waves, also known as former Lauryn Hill guitarist and Slash collaborator, Robert Davis. Played extra loud, the chorus has even more of an impact. Turn it up.


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