We don’t know what day it is. Hell, we don’t know what month it is. But here’s what we do know – we’ve got some damn fine tunes to share with you in this 8 Tracks post, so put ’em on, turn ’em up, and add some new bands to your playlists.

ttypes – “Jealousy”

Let’s kick it off with ttypes and a seriously good indie rock – in their words, it’s “a heartbroken reflection on the past with a sad and gentle center surrounded by snarling guitars and a bright pop rock aesthetic”. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Bobby John – “If I Were You”

Here’s a song from Canadian artist Bobby John. He wrote it and recorded this in only one day! It’s his first release, and he’s coming out of the gate strong. Great vocals and simple guitar, with backup vocals that really add something.

The Relevant Elephants – “Less Than A Mile Away”

It’s been four years since The Relevant Elephants put out last album, and this new track is upbeat, catchy, and worth a listen or five. Power pop meets garage rock in a solid package.

Voodoo Shakedown – “Play With Fire”

This song by Voodoo Shakedown is straight up rock and roll. No question. Bluesy, guitar-driven, fantastic. A powerhouse tune from a great Canadian band that I can’t wait to hear more from.

Mental Friction – “Laid Back”

This song by Mental Friction has a great 90s feel with a funky twist – perfect CanCon (that’s Canadian Content, for you non-Canucks). A well-written track that’s hard not to like.

The Donaghys – “Tear The House Down”

Here’s the latest track from The Donaghys, “Tear The House Down”. This song right here is toe tappin’ indie pop punk rock. If you’re not moving along with this one, you’re probably dead.

Picture This – “Troublemaker”

This tune may be poppier than what we usually feature, but as soon as I started listening, I couldn’t help myself – it got me. I was dancing in my chair, humming along, and digging the lyric video along with it. So beware – “Troublemaker” is gonna grab you. Press play with caution!

Little Kid – “Thief On The Cross”

If you like Andy Shauf (or Foxwarren), here’s a similar yet slightly more upbeat sound that just might appeal to you – have a listen to “Thief On The Cross”, by Canadian band Little Kid.


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