In our first 8 Tracks collection of 2020, we’ve got great new tunes to kick your year off right.

Grandpa Jack – “Right On, Ride On”

Brooklyn-based trio Grandpa Jack brings us the first track from upcoming EP, Trashcan Boogie. The fuzzed out guitars and psych-rock sounds grabbed me right away. Have a listen, and stay tuned for more!

Dead Lucid – “Head”

You can hear the different influences from each member of Dead Lucid in this new track, “Head”. The Chicago band describes this song as “the common frustration of wanting to reach amazing heights, while attempting to push past the feeling that your efforts are all for naught “.

Mongrel Dogs – “Midnight Affairs”

UK band Mongrel Dogs have a sound that is very classic rock, but with a unique twist. There are some familiar elements to Midnight Affairs, but they only serve to make it even more likable – it’s like a culmination of the best aspect of a few different songs. Check it out!

Ren x Chinchilla – “How to Be Me”

Now, for something a little different – “How To Be Me”, a collab from Ren and Chinchilla, is a song that strays from the classic rock vibe of this list. Between the incredible vocals blending together, the strings, and the build… this is a must-listen.

The Colonies – “Tough Lovin”

This next song is inspired by The Strokes and The Black Keys, and you can absolutely hear that throughout. And if you dig that sound, be sure to check out more from The Colonies!

Chance Reiniesch – “Caffeine”

This is alt-pop at its best. An acoustic track with catchy vocals, it’s great for fans of just about any genre, and reminds me a bit of Justin Timberlake’s early solo work. I mean that in the best way possible. Have a listen to Chance Reiniesch, and see for yourself!

Flakestate – “I Was Wrong To Assume”

This song has so many different parts and genres combined into one great track, you definitely have to listen and get your own takeaway from it. Listen to the whole thing, as the ending has a way of wrapping it up perfectly.

Dez Money – “I Want Your Love”

Son of famous singer songwriter Eddie Money (“Take Me Home Tonight”, “Two Tickets to Paradise”… yeah, that Eddie Money!), Dez Money is following in his dad’s footsteps. Writing, producing, and playing all of the instruments on his songs, Dez recently released his latest track, “I Want Your Love”. An alt pop tune with an indie rock flare, its well worth a listen!


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