8 Tracks

This week’s tracks are all over the place – we’ve got a few punk tunes, some dreamy pop, indie rock, and maybe even some German showtunes. (Ok, maybe not those. But I’ll try to find some.) Give ’em a listen!

Melodic Canvas – “Vampires”

Nirvana fans, here’s something for you. Hailing from Michigan, Melodic Canvas just dropped their latest single, and it’s full of “swirly vox, jangley chugging fender jaguar and explosive chorus to melt your brain.” Their new album just dropped yesterday, so be sure to check that out!

Rise Carmine – “No Coup for Anyone”

Catchy and upbeat, this track is a likeable bop with a big message. According to the band, “No Coup For Anyone,” is “a plea to stop viewing any kind of activism as a signal of someone’s virtue, but also to not view a simple post online as a job well done.

Jeremy Voltz – “Hold Me Up”

The latest track from Jeremy Voltz was co-written by another FTS favourite, Darryl James (The Strumbellas, Close Kicks).From Jeremy:“It’s a thank you, an apology, and an “I love you” from someone who keeps screwing it all up,” . And it’s a hell of a good one, too.

My Darkest Days – “Fucked Up Situation”

Though the band split up awhile back, My Darkest Days’ record label has a little something left for the rabid fans. Three different unreleased b-sides came out on September 10th, including this one – “Fucked Up Situation”. Give it a listen!

sine language – “Front Door”

Canadian indie pop duo sine language – also known as Mike Dasilva and Vanessa Lepp – just released their new single, “front door”. This is some stellar, dreamy pop-rock about “leaving your heart open and waiting for the right person to come along.”

quietype – “Sideways”

The vocals on quietype tracks always get me – so great, so unique. It’s their first single in over a year, and this time they’re bringing serious groove. From the band: “Sideways”, is at once both brooding and celebratory; an indelible pop tune that sits somewhere between Miguel and Maggie Rogers.

Merit Maker – “So Blinded”

Let’s inject some serious energy into this collection of tracks with a stellar punk track from Merit Maker. “So Blinded” is gonna make you wanna thrash all over the place and throw it on repeat.

Doc Rotten – “Psych Ward 103”

Another punk-style track for this week’s collection! I don’t know much about the band or the background of the song, so I’ll just put it to you to give it a listen, give the video a watch, and let us know what you think! (I think you’ll dig it.)