8 Tracks

Oh, hey there! You look like you could use some new music. Well, we’ve got ya covered. Check out these eight new tracks, alongside some mini-reviews and words from the artists.

The Waldron Brothers – “Stranger”

Great indie alt rock track here! It has a lot going on, which keeps the song interesting throughout. It changes speeds, has a cool percussive guitar, and is just a straight-up captivating track. From the band: “It has past elements of delay and effects that we’ve done before but now adds that garage rock feel that people can really jam out to. We wanted a song that shows off your inner “strange” side that most people can connect with.”

Royal Castles – “Frickin Pretty”

Love the energy of this track; this power trio always manages to find the sweet spot between indie pop and alt rock. Check out the fun video to really get a feel for the tune!

HOLM – “Shadow”

This next track come from a very cool Austrian band. With its solid guitar riffs, this moody, melodic, and melancholic track caught my attention right away. “”Shadow” shows us the more riff oriented hard side of the band without losing focus on hooks and melody.” 

Little Galaxies – “Fate”

Here’s something a little different than the song we usually feature, but this one drew me in. Lovely vocals and melodies matched with serious guitar riffs. Solid psych-rock vibes. From the band: “Inspired by a severe car accident Fournier was in, their new album One with the Waking Sea explores central themes like accepting fate, getting closer to what brings us joy, and learning how to co-exist in an ever-changing world that can throw us into the trenches at any moment.”

Orion Walsh – “House Arrest”

Here’s some great indie folk, from singer songwriter Orion Walsh – it’s got catchy guitar and accessible melodies. An easy song to sing! What’s it about? Here’s info from the artist: “”House Arrest” is a true story about a woman who was placed on house arrest for excessive drinking & driving, later recovering from addiction to drugs & alcohol through finally asking for help.”

Josh Mover – “Palatable Flaws”

Here’s a light and boppy track from Toronto artist Josh Mover, reminiscent of a Beatles-esque style. “Palatable Flaws” is “a song about what you can deal with in a relationship and what is simply a dealbreaker.” 

Ex Ømerta – “Sunshine”

A very cool garage sound from these guys, not unlike The Blue Stones, Royal Blood, and similar acts that I always dig. This track features “eerie slide guitars and stuttering synths set the tone for the verses, telling the protagonist’s tale of bad luck and bitterness.”

Kirty – “You Ripped My Heart Out”

Here’s Kirty’s latest single, from her new solo album. “You Ripped My Heart Out” is another fantastic track from the Fast Romantics member, along with an oddly satisfying video that features her letting out some anger with a baseball bat to a car. This song is about a past traumatic heartbreak, and “a raw, unfiltered, and to-the-point explosion of emotion from my gut to yours.”