8 Tracks

The weekend is here, and as always we’ve got a killer list of new releases to share with you. Give ’em a listen, and let us know which ones you liked most!

Elephant Castle – “French Food”

I don’t think I’ve heard an Elephant Castle song I didn’t like. Here’s another one – this is great indie rock with some psych-pop elements thrown in. They just have such a great vibe to their music,I think you’ll be a fan, too.

Redlands – “Special”

Couldn’t ignore this one, and it might be because it’s just so dang catchy. If the chorus isn’t stuck in your head long after you hear this, you are stronger than me. It’s no wonder these guys have shared stages with some big names, and have been featured on prime time tv shows.

Lake Nation – “Snowbanks”

There’s something about this song that just instantly drew me in – I love the vocals, and the chilled out rock guitar. They created these builds throughout the songs that are just so effective. From the band: “a little bit about us – not so much sex, even less drugs, but a sufficient amount of rock n’roll.”

Crooked Coast – “High”

This song sounds like what would happen if Weezer got a bit more edgy, while remaining their nerdy-cool selves – I really like it a lot. It’s catchy and upbeat, but still a definite rock tune.

The Honeyrunners – “Ghosts”

This one is gonna get your toes tapping. Once the chorus hits, you’ll be hooked. From the band: ““Ghosts” is a response to a public outpouring of anxiety and depression, calling out the whispers in our head that keep us up at night.”

Arkells – “Swing, Swing, Swing”

You probably need a little more fun in your life, and as always Arkells are here to provide. Check out their latest earworm – we’re sure it had folks dancing in the aisles during their three-night stint in Toronto recently, officially kicking off the return to live music.

Sunfish – “Fame”

Sunfish’s latest track is “a crushing grunge rock anthem harping on the harmful effects of the ease of finding fame.” It’s got such a haunting appeal to it, and switches easily from mellow to hard rock and back in a way that I really dig.

Kid Orchid – “Shut Me Out”

Kid Orchid is a trio originally from London, ON that mixes together rock, classical and folk sounds to create their own sound. Check out the latest single, “Shut Me Out”- the vocals blend together so well, and this chorus might be your next earworm.