We’ve got a stellar stack of tunes to amp up your weekend – some artists you know, some you’ll be glad to learn about. Check ’em out, and let us know which were your favourite!

The Great Fuss – “Hairbrain”

Loving this track by Canadian band The Great Fuss – it’s solid garage rock with some throwback 60s vibes that really make it stand out. Will definitely be checking out more from them! 

Blume Hinges – “Nobody’s Daughter”

Here’s some great punk-tinged rock from Canadian band, Blume Hinges. “Nobody’s Daughter” is the focus track from the band’s new album, Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain.

Quiet Crimes – “Call It Home”

After a morning full of listening to new songs that were just not the right fit for FTS… Quiet Crimes gave me a reprieve with this track. Stellar riffs, memorable chorus, and overall a seriously solid rock tune. Perfect for fans of QOTSA and Royal Blood.

Mr. Ultrasound – “Cardio”

A cool mellow indie track is up next, from Mr. Ultrasound. “Cardio” has some relaxed summer vibes to it, a bit of nostalgia, and is an easy one to like!

Jake Pinto – “Gone”

Really digging this new track from Jake Pinto. “Gone” is the first single from his upcoming record, Sad Songs for Happy People. This song has the type of sound that is really unique, but also will appeal to a wide array of music fans. Very cool.

The Orphan The Poet – “Moxie”

This track already has some buzz around it, and we can certainly see why – catchy and hard not to move to, while still bringin’ the rock. Give it a listen! 

Close Kicks – “You Made It Home”

We’ve got Close Kicks, aka Darryl James (Strumbellas), back on FTS with his second single from this project, written alongside Emmy award-winner Jim Roach. It’s another stellar track – emotional and lovely, yet catchy. Give it a listen, then go read our recent interview with Darryl here.

Arkells w/ K. Flay – “You Can Get It”

Recorded in LA before the pandemic hit (remember those days?!), “You Can get It” is the first collaboration between Arkells and K. Flay. As expected, it’s catchy, energetic, and fun as hell. Check out the video below, then go catch up on our past interviews with Arkells.