Here in our corner of the world, it’s the first day of spring! And while my first instinct was to make all eight songs “First Day of Spring” by The Ghandarvas this week, that wouldn’t be fair – you need new music. So, here’s some great tracks to kickoff the season.

Audrelane – “1992”

We all know how much I still love my 90s rock. And so Audrelane’s “1992” speaks to me. It brings me right back to a very specific 90s indie sound (some Silversun Pickups, some Pixies), and I’m liking this song a lot. 

Chris Armes – “Lord Let Me Run”

When I received this song, the artist asked about what genre it fits into – so what do you guys think? Whatever you want to call it, this is a great sound that obviously has some classic influences. 

Huron Lines – “Older Now”

Really diggin’ this new track from Windsor’s Huron Lines – it’s solid grungy alt-rock with killer vocals and riffs, and was recorded at Third Man in Detroit. 

Aysanabee – “Howling”

Next up we have the second single from Aysanabee – “Howling” is a haunting yet uplifting track, and has us looking forward to hearing more. Keep an eye out the forthcoming EP!

Poor Frisco – “Context”

Stellar indie rock on this new track from Poor Frisco – “Context” has a simple catchiness to it, and a lot of changes and layers to it. It’s from their upcoming debut EP, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one! 

The Trampoline Delay – “Don’t Let Go”

Here’s a new track from Canadian band The Trampoline Delay. It’s another track with some 90’s vibes to it (no surprise there), while staying true to its alt indie rock.

joe p – “Fighting In The Car”

The new track from joe p, “Fighting In The Car” has a bit of an early Weezer sound, if they were darker, moodier, and deeper. I really like this sound, and the way it builds after the 2 minute mark. 

Stripper’s Union “Take It Back”

Here’s another new track from Stripper’s Union – this one is a slower jam, and we’ve got it (along with the whole album) on repeat. Give it a listen, then check out our recent interview with the band!