Welcome to the weekend! We’ve got an eclectic bunch of songs on this week’s list, and all of them are worth a listen. Dive in, and find some new favourites!

The Backfires – “Before The Sunrise”

Here’s an edgy yet energetic rock track that’ll have you dancing on your seat. Another great tune from The Backfires! 

NEEDSHES – “When You’re Tough Like A Stone”

Next up, we’ve got a straight-ahead rock track from Russia’s NEEDSHES. “When You’re tough Like A Stone” is a bold one, with driving riffs and great energy. 

D-Day Lewis – “Shallows”

D-Day Lewis takes listeners on a trip through multiple genres and moods in their new track, “Shallows”. A very cool single from this Canadian band.

Original Son – “Hymn for The Underground”

Here’s a high energy punk track that celebrates ” the every day misfits of the world”. Original Son has a big sound for a three-piece, and we’re diggin’ it. 

Baby God – “Water”

Time to slow things down a bit with some mellow indie folk from Canadian band Baby God – it’s laidback and easy to listen to, and makes me want to hear more from them.

The Micro Band – “Bridge of Eden”

This song by Edinburgh’s The Micro Band is about about a brain seizure in a supermarket. How’s that for a unique sentence? This track pairs indie rock with psychedelic rock in a way that is easy to listen to. Check it out!

Jacob Dsouza – “Come Back To You”

This track is coming to us from an up-and-coming young talent from right here in Ontario. Jacob Dsouza just released his first single, and it’s a great one – remember his name, because he’s definitely one to watch!

Phil Wellman – “This Radiant Hour”

While we don’t often share instrumentals on From The Strait, I made an exception for local musician Phil Wellman. He just released a new genre-spanning album, and he played each of the instruments on it. This song, “This Radiant House” is an homage to the period in the 80s when unique and interesting guitar sounds were the norm. Give it a listen.


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