Whether you dig Valentine’s Day or think it’s a corporate sham (or both!), we’re sharing the love today by way of eight must-hear songs. Consider it our Valentine to you – because, as always, we choo-choo-choose you.

Billy Edwin – “I’ll Sing With You”

If you paired Dave Hause and Dropkicks, you’d have something similar to this killer new track from Billy Edwin. It’s a punk rock love song for your Valentine’s Day weekend.

Morcheeba – “Sounds of Blue”

It’s a good day when a new Morcheeba track shows up in my submissions. This is single is from their upcoming album Blackest Blue, which fuses previous incarnations of the the band’s sounds from their three decade long career.

The Blue Stones – “Spirit”

Another great tune from Canadian band The Blue Stones – I’ve never heard a song I didn’t dig by these guys, and this is no exception. Elements of garage rock, but a mix of high energy electric guitar and mellow breaks.

Blank Cinema – “Nothing is Holy”

I’m definitely getting some LCD Soundsystem vibes on this one, and vocally even a bit of She Wants Revenge – those, together, are a great combo. Blank Cinema should be on your radar – check out this single, and take a dive into the rest of their releases.

S:Bahn – “We Move”

There are a lot of layers to this song, so many peaks and valleys – it’s a hell of a ride. “…brawling guitars and seismic rhythm section” describes it well. 

Badluv – “Breathe”

An aptly-named artist to share today? Maybe. A great alt rock tune? Definitely. The verses have a bit of a moody sexiness, and the choruses breath some rock energy into it. Really enjoyed this one.

iskwē – “Night Danger” (Lovers Mix)

Another haunting and fantastic track from iskwē – previously released in 2019, this new version of “Night Danger” includes Prague’s FILMharmonic Orchestra, giving it even more depth and emotion.

Steve Stout – “The Hitching Post”

One half of the band ØZWALD, Steve Stout is venturing into solo territory with his new project, and the first release “The Hitching Post”. If you like Andy Shauf and Jeff Tweedy, you’ll definitely want to listen. 


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