Here are the eight top music picks this week, with a little something for everyone! Even your grandma. (She likes death metal, right?)

Tim Hart – “Steady As She Goes”

Here’s a new solo track from Boy Bear’s Tim Hart. His album ‘Winning Hand’ will be out on Feb 19th and it’s one you’ll want to check out.

Lucy Francesca Dron – “What Is Next?”

I absolutely love Lucy Francesca Dron’s voice – she has a dark jazzy indie rock sound, and it’s fantastic. Check out her latest single, and go find her new EP released last week! 

Kane Miller – “Catch My Heart”

Here’s a lovely new song from Canadian singer-songwriter Kane Miller – it’s his first song from his self-produced EP, The Isolation Sessions, and we’re excited to hear the rest of it.

Callout Cisco – “Are You Still Mad At Me?”

Here’s something for the Strokes fans (but also for just about anyone who just likes some killer garage-y indie rock). This track from Callout Cisco deserves your attention.

Moist – “Tarantino (Bullet Kill Sex Love Thrill)”

Moist is one of those bands that has always stuck with me, and their debut album was actually the first CD I ever bought. They’re back with a new single called “Tarantino”, and the video is an unsettling absolute must-watch.

David Redd – “This Gun”

Lookin’ for a sweet sax solo today? David Redd’s latest track has you covered! And the rest of the song is great indie rock, with a catchy chorus. 

Fourth Point – “Right Wrong”

Here’s a band from Chicago, with a great new single called “Right Wrong”. It’s a standout song, and the band describes it best: “Featuring vibrant guitars, soaring synths and relevant & personal lyrics, the song speaks to the current state of the world in promoting unity through self realization.”

Evan Stanley – “Memories” (Maroon 5 Cover)

When this video was sent to me, it caught my attention for two reasons – one, it’s Paul Stanley’s son. And two… Bryan Cranston is in the video. I’ll admit, I’m not a big Maroon 5 fan, so I didn’t actually know this song. But Evan Stanley does a great job, and you have to watch the video – even if it’s just to see Bryan Cranston jamming on some mini bongos.


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