This week’s eight tracks are all must-listens, so get ’em in your earholes & find a new favourite band!

Nick Testa Jr. – “Let’s Make A Flag”

We’re kicking things off with a straightforward rock track from US artist Nick Testa Jr. – there’s a bit of a 90s flair here, which is right up my alley. Listen up!

The Mandevilles – “Lightning”

Always an FTS favourite, The Mandevilles are back with another new track from their upcoming album – “Lightning” has some killer guitar and a hell of a chorus that you’re gonna be singing long after you listen. (So… go listen.)

Cheap Meat – “Eddie & Valerie”

When I saw the name of this song, my hope was that it referred to Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli – and Cheap Meat did not disappoint. This song is an ode to Eddie, and I’m diggin’ it a lot.

Casual Friday – “You Better Start Off Now”

Here’s a new tune by Casual Friday from Germany – it’s all about change. This track is fantastic, it really grabs you. Great melodies, dramatic ebbs and flows. Give it a listen! 

The Carbons – “Steel Toe Boots”

The Carbons take us on a “fuzz-blues rock ride”, chock full of good energy and dancy vibes in their new track, “Steel Toe Boots”.

Nick Brodeur – “Believe It’s Your Time”

Here’s a catchy pop rock tune from Nick Brodeur – not only is it a great song, it’s a collaboration with the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, where all proceeds will be donated.

Dark Side of Light – “Moist”

Here’s some indie rock dream poppy sounds with vocals that have great similarities to (my favourite) Chino Moreno of Deftones. Check out this track by Dark Side of Light!

Sycamore – “Gambling Man”

Rounding out this week’s list, we’ve got a fast-paced fun song from Australia’s Sycamore – “Gambling Man” has serious energy and garage rock riffs.


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