You look like you could use some new tunes right now. Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered. Check out these eight tracks & mini reviews – there’s something for everyone!

Tired Cossack – “Shashka”

To kick this week’s tracklist off, here’s a killer melodic post-punk-ish track from Canadian artist, Tired Cossack.

Nothing Special – “New Leaf”

Here’s a new song by some guys from the Toronto/Durham area – I feel like we should all remember the name Nothing Special. Once live shows are a thing again, we’re all gonna want tickets to their gigs. 

The Universe Featuring Ray – “My Fragile Mind”

Self-described as “Canada’s grungy PJ Harvey” (which definitely got my attention), here’s the latest from The Universe Featuring Ray!

Five Hundred Bucks – “Spinal”

More indie punk goodness, with some poppier elements for good measure. Check out “Spinal” by Five Hundred Bucks. And if you like the movie Uncle Peckerhead, they did the music for it. (How’s that for trivia?) 

Oberon Rose – “Sinner”

This one will get ya moving – and if you’re working, don’t worry. Chair-dancing is accepted and encouraged. Check out Oberon Rose’s latest, “Sinner”! 

The Anaconda Vampire Bats – “Ethanol”

This song may be two years old (which technically goes against my rules for posting…), but it had me moving as soon as it came on. So that’s worth a share with you fine folks! Give it a listen, turn it up. 

The Neighbourhood Watch – “Focus Up”

This is some great Canadian indie rock right here – there’s a certain unique sound that our best indie bands have, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. But it stands out, and it’s fantastic, and these guys have absolutely got it. Check out The Neighbourhood Watch! 

Grizfolk – “California High”

Here’s a genre-spanning track from Grizfolk that I was into as soon as the first note dropped. It’s really likeable, and has me ready to dive right into the band’s full discography.


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