Most of you may be ready for 2020 to be done (hey, we don’t blame ya!), but there’s still a lot of great music coming out this year! Check out this week’s collection, and let us know your favourites.

Chester Travis & Spirit Animal Kollektiv – “Diving For Gold”

For this track, award-winning artist Chester Travis joined forces with talented duo Spirit Animal Kollektiv (Jonathan Klut and FTS featured artist Charlie Grant). The result is a beautiful and emotive song that will make you want more from these singer-songwriters.

My Ugly Clementine – “I’m Boring”

Ready for a waltz? This indie rock/pop track is a mix of fast and slow energy, and switches so effortlessly between the two. 

Black Water County – “Who Am I Now?”

If folk punk is a genre (and I think it is), this band represents it best. If you like The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and the sound of traditional instruments done well, this is for you.

Jon Reynolds & the Aches – “Leather Jacket”

Here’s a catchy synth-pop/rock track from Jon Reynolds & The Aches – lots of cool layers to this one, this is a band to pay attention to.

Rising Voices – “People Are People” (Depeche Mode Cover)

“Rising Voices, a collective of over 30 musicians, announces the release of their cover and music video of People Are People in support of the NAACP Empowerment Program, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and All proceeds will be donated to these organizations. Inspired to rise up to help the Black Lives Matter and justice movement, this charity single is an Orchestral Rock cover of Depeche Mode’s People Are People – a song that spun in the head of producer and musician Chris Wirsig who started this initiative.”

Phantom Atlantic – “No Way to Live”

Here’s another track from Canadian band Phantom Atlantic, produced by Finger Eleven’s Steve Molella. Great vocals, catchy chorus, and an overall stellar alt rock tune.

Ocie Elliott – “Take Me Home”

This is a lovely folk tune from B.C. duo, Ocie Elliott. Their voices go so well together, and the beautiful simplicity of the music really showcases that. Give it a listen! 

Steve’n Seagulls – “Master of Puppets” (Metallica Cover)

Now for something a little different… Finnish group Steve ‘n Seagulls did a very unique take on “Master of Puppets”, and I promise it’s like nothing you’ve heard before. We’re often wary of covers, for obvious reasons, but this was just so unique and awesome, we had to share!


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