Another week, & another killer list of mini-reviews and new tunes for your earholes.

Kandle – “Lock & Load”

We kick off this week’s list with a slow groove from Canadian artist, Kandle. If it sounds like a Bond theme song to you (as it did to me), that’s exactly what it was inspired by. Give it a listen!

Pretty – “By The Beach”

This track was recorded to tape in one take, which is beyond impressive. The result is a cool psychedelic, almost industrial sound that I haven’t heard in a long time.

Roma Cove – “You and I”

Here’s a fun indie rock song from UK band, Roma Cove. Great energy, but with a bit of moodiness and an infectious chorus. 

Marc Scibilia & Brian Fallon – “Seed of Joy”

We’re big fans of Brian Fallon here at FTS, and so this song caught our eye when it was submitted. Marc Scibilia wrote this about “overcoming the tragedies that inevitably face all of us and finding beauty even in those darkest moments of life. ” It’s a fantastic track, and features Brian Fallon on guitar. Check it out!

Tommy Newport – “Warp Speed Suzie”

This is really fun song that had me chair-dancing and bopping along (don’t picture that in your head, it’s not pretty). It’s a great indie pop track, & so infectious.

Highschool Jacob “Not Worth Dying 4”

If you’re a Local Natives fan, Highschool Jacob should be next on your list to check out – I suggest listening to the full song, it’s pretty darn great.

Marvellous Bastards – “Hell”

Next up we have a band from Greece called Marvellous Bastards – “Hell” is a garage rock-y, pop-infused song with some funk elements, like The Black Keys with a twist. Check ’em out!

Blinker the Star – “Terror of the Heart”

Here’s the latest from Blinker the Star – it’s a great indie pop track! Check it out, and then go read last year’s Q&A with Jordan Zadorozny.


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