8 Tracks

We may be well into December, but we’re just not ready to dive into holiday features on FTS yet – so, our latest 8 Tracks collection is all killer new non-holiday tracks that are worth your time. Read the mini reviews & info from the artists, then get these in your ears!

Crash Cadet – “Knew A Girl”

There’s a cool stripped-down rawness to this track, with slightly fuzzy vocals that only add to that sound. A compelling guitar riff, grungy melodies, and a change at around the 2 minute mark all make it a must-listen. From the Band: “This song started as a simple slow acoustic guitar and vocal tune, then sat in storage for 6 or so years. I liked the riff so occasionally I went back to it and tried all different instrumentation and sounds. I could never get it to work, though, until this summer, when I sped up the tempo, re-recorded the vocals, and added the heavy guitars”

Melt Citizen – “The Ghost of Kiki Dee”

Here’s a brand new track from Melt Citizen. The drums pierce through the punchy, catchy vocals, making this an infectious, energetic track that almost feels like you’re watching the band play live in a garage. It’s raw, it’s lo-fi, and it’s awesome. From the Band:“A lofi garage budget rock song about unrequited love.”

The Lunar Keys – “Maniac”

Next up is the latest from The Lunar Keys. A dark alt rock sound with a bit of a slowburn style, with vocals that add grit to the melodies. From the Band:“Recorded by Billy Foster at Snap Studios and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, U2, Royal Blood) at Metropolis, the song is about someone you know that preys on your vulnerabilities and gaslights you. Someone that invokes the maniac inside of you:”

Rose Cora Perry & the Truth Untold – “Not My Time”

The new single from Rose Cora Perry & the Truth Untold is a riff-heavy rocker with a bit of a cool 90s feel, and a melodic chorus. From the Artist: “While the virus has regrettably wreaked havoc on the lives and livelihoods of far too many, so too have the various protocols and mandates. Unemployment, debt, divorce and suicide rates have all skyrocketed and many – myself included – have been longing for a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hopeful that my song will resonate with those who have been feeling lost, alienated and depressed from what has unravelled, knowing it’s not their ‘time to die’ nor give up’. We all still have ‘plenty of fight’.”

Loviet – “Star Treatment”

The vocals are the first part of this song to really grab your attention and hold on and then the energy hits around 1:15, in a perfect alt pop way. This song sounds like a radio hit, whether commercial or rock stations. Watch out for Loviet! From the Band: “Distortion rides the vox as Loviet takes the shine off the microphone, the sound of an artist cutting her teeth on Star Treatment, the focus track on a Q1-EP release produced by indie-rockers Now, Now.”

Aversions – “New Whip”

There’s something about this post-punk style that just grabs my attention and locks me in. The latest from Canadian band Aversions has so many layers and sections, and a sound that tells a story. It feels raw and honest. From the Band: “Written in the aftermath of the 2020 Charlottesville car attack, “New Whip” is loosely based on Nate Powell’s visual essay “About Face,” an exploration of the ties binding consumer culture with the military industrial complex.” 

Some Kind of Nightmare – “We Take Form” (Live)

While I don’t usually feature many live tracks, this one grabbed me immediately and I had to make an exception. Not only is it raw, gritty, fast-paced punk at its best, the subject matter is an important one. Turn this one up and pay attention. From the Band: “The song embodies the struggle of healing from body dysmorphia and the pain after dealing with breast cancer and the scars inside and out from a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. It’s about trying to learn to accept, embrace, and to be empowered by the scars and continuing to thrive.”

Powerwalk – “Lantern”

Niagara-based trio Powerwalk are back with a second single, another taste of their modern twist on 80s new wave. This time, Amanda’s vocals take centre stage, with bandmates Arih and Mark joining in to create a full sound. I’m loving what this trio is doing; it’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s different. If they’re not on your radar yet, listen to this new song and then go back and give their first single “Summer’s Over” a spin!