8 Tracks

It’s the first 8 Tracks collection of September, but we promise not to say anything about summer being over – it ain’t over yet! So let’s keep summer going with these killer new tracks. Check out the mini reviews and band info, then turn these songs up.

Terra Pines – “Indoor Kid”

Let’s kick it off with a cool new track from Terra Pines (formerly Tall Pines). It’s a shoegazey/ indie rock song with fantastic vocals and a driving groove that you can’t help but dig. From the Band: Clocking in to the consciousness with the harmonic resonance and shoegaze attack of bands like Ride, with a Cure like bass attack, ‘Indoor Kid’ adds a barbed-wire verve and a hyperactive buzzsaw grunt to the mix. It’s a thoroughly satisfying cathartic full frontal attack that leaves you very pleasantly discombobulated at the end 

Dead Levee – “Shout”

Here’s another killer track from Dead Levee. Rock ‘ n roll lives on with these guys, and this song is proof positive of that. Turn it up! From the Band: “Born from an impromptu jam on stage, “Shout” unleashes ‘the inner beast’ and signifies a sonic renaissance. Mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica) and mastered by Noah Mintz (Matt Mays, Arkells, Death From Above 1979), the new single delivers their signature big sound.” 

Mobina Galore – “Spend My Day”

Love this new one from Canadian punk duo, Mobina Galora. It’s raw and raucous, with enough melody to make singing along impossible to resist. From the Band: “Since forming in 2011, Mobina Galore, the Winnipeg punk duo of Jenna Priestner (guitar/ vocals), and drummer Marcia Hanson (drums/ vocals) have cut their teeth on an approach to music that operates without fluff. As part of the most recent generation of artists invested in retrofitting the genre with new narratives, Mobina Galore have weaponized their outsider attitude into explosive punk that demands attention on the band’s own terms. By building a catalogue of expertly-executed songs, they’re challenging the industry’s entrenched shortcomings by flipping the stereotype of “overly emotional women” on its head, and instead, turning it into their battle axe.”

Mike Legere – “Kindness Heroic”

Beautiful vocals and a depth of emotion that the listener can feel. The accompanying video has a way of making you reminisce about your hometown, in a simple and lovely way. From the Artist: “I wrote “Kindness Heroic” in the months surrounding the death of one of the most important people in my life. We called Silvia May Ring our babysitter, but she became family, and we stayed close throughout the years until her death. The song is about the impact she had on my life, the absence she left behind, and the lifelong struggle of grasping with mortality in pieces, both in bigger dramatic moments and in the quiet of a long goodbye.” 

Femegades – “Big Plans”

As expected, the new track from UK band Femegades is fantastic – driving drums and guitar, compelling vocals… this is the kind of song you’ll want to sing along to and throw on repeat. From the Band: “Big Plans is the latest single release from feminist alt.rock band Femegades. Following on from the recent successful release of ‘Daddy Says’, the track is the final song to be released from the band’s sophomore EP, Not All Men. The London-based four-piece continue to showcase their diversity, both lyrically and sonically, as they experiment with a lo-fi, punk-infused spirit reminiscent of artist such X-Ray Spex and The Slits. “

The Blue Stones – “Good Ideas”

You can never go wrong with a new single from The Blue Stones – and this one is all about the vibe. It has an edgy, almost sexy appeal to it, alongside an infectious beat and catchy vocals. From the Band: “You get to a point in writing music where you start to question everything, and it’s pretty fucking frustrating. Imposter syndrome starts to set in and you go to some dark and ultra-negative places. I didn’t think I was good enough to write anything at that point, and seriously considered just giving it up altogether. All of those emotions came out in the lyrics for ‘Good Ideas,’ he shared. “Instead of shielding the world from it, we figured it was best to put it out there and see if the song’s content resonated with anyone that may have gone through that experience.”

Laurel Canyon – “Tangiers”

Here’s the new single from Laurel Canyon – hard-hitting drums, a bit of a grungy feel, melodic guitar, and raw vocals all come together to make a quick and compelling rock track. From the Band: We wanted to share our upcoming double-sided single “Drop Out / Tangiers” that we recorded with Steve Albini coming out this Friday, September 2nd. We had the opportunity to record with Steve Albini in March 2022 at Electrical Audio in Chicago and we recorded three tracks, two originals and a cover.

Dohny Jep – “Wine and Dine”

Closing out this week’s list is the latest from alt-rock trio Dohny Jep. This one is an anthemic track with a big chorus and pop-tinged verses. From The Band: “Wine and Dine in its purest form is about love. It’s about those first moments of meeting someone new and the adventures that you are about to go on together, but also those first moments of conflict and how you pull together to get through those harder moments.”