8 Tracks

We’re kicking the week off with another list of killer new tunes from all over the world – check out the mini-reviews and artist info, then turn these tracks up & enjoy!

Radio Aftermath – “Custom Made Lizard Shoes”

Fuzzy guitar, great rock melodies, and an overall stellar sound – this band from UK is next on my radar, so get ’em on yours too. From the Band: “With their debut EP release imminent, Radio Aftermath are back with their forthcoming new single Custom Made Lizard Shoes! The song was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band’s very own Jack Craven. The song is a hook laden affair that manages to bring a diverse range of bands from Biffy Clyro to Tool to Deftones to Mogwai to Alexisonfire, and lots of other points in between, showcasing what the band holds dear; quiet melodicism, catchy riffs, commanding choruses, and stupid sexy bass fills. As well as a cheeky vocal guest spot from When They Riot’s own Tom Wallwork.” 

The Marigolds – “My Undoing”

This song immediately caught my interest, with its big riffs and intensity, a catchy chorus, and huge rock energy. It’s a great mix of grunge, punk and alt rock that is compelling as hell. From the Band: “My Undoing is the darkest and most intense track the band has released to date! The songs deals with themes of insecurity, scary thoughts in the back of your head and feeling unable to break away from negativity in your life. However, contrast these issues with an aggressive punky attitude found throughout the track. Pushing to higher levels of production than on any of their other singles, this is their most sonically complex song yet. Produced by Corey Moore at Sundown Studios, this song hits harder than anything the band has released before. With intricate instrumental sections, razor sharp riffs and huge harmony filled choruses, My Undoing is The Marigolds at their best. ” 

Mononegatives – “Second Self”

Here’s a great post-punk track from Mononegatives, mixing fuzz, synth, and punk sensibilities. They’ve got a fantastic sound that you’re bound to dig! From the Band: “London, Ontario’s MONONEGATIVES deliver raw punk meets new wave/synth-punk with a high-anxiety modern-day ripping lo-fi punk sound. Their highly original and fascinating take on punk rock meets new wave is dark and discordant yet full of uplifting energy.”

Bayline – “Beggars Can Be Choosers”

This is some stellar punk with melody and drive. Killer energy and pace, definitely a song that would be amazing live. From the Band: ““Beggars Can Be Choosers is based on the expression “Beggars can’t be choosers”. It’s a song for the hardworking caretakers, hospital workers, doctors, nurses and all who worked their asses off during the pandemic and felt like they didn’t have a choice but to help those in need. Rather than giving them the recognition and compensation they deserved we honoured them with an applause. Still they got called upon and were pushed to work harder than before. Night or day. Those people should have a right to choose and deserve to beg for something!”.

Close Kicks – “Fix It For You”

Here’s the latest single from an FTS favourite, Close Kicks (a.k.a. Darryl James of The Strumbellas). “Fix It For You” is another catchy folk rock song with pop sensibilities that will plant itself firmly into your head and make you want to listen over and and over and over… (so go on, and do just that!). From the Artist: “Fix It For You” is a song written during the peak of the pandemic when everything around us felt like it was slipping away. Born from an online session that highlighted Darryl James and Hank Compton struggles in two different types of relationships. Hank was going through a bad breakup whereas Darryl was dealing with a friendship dissolving. The song was produced and performed by Close Kicks, mixed by Adam Haggarty (Reverie Studios) and mastered by Stephen Pitkin. (Elliott Brood).”

Ten Kills The Pack – “Theo”

The latest single from Canadian artist Ten Kills the Pack is a beautiful slow burn with vocals that are absolute perfection. From the Artist: “Overall, I’m just happy for this one to be out because it was just so laborious and something I really strived for and wanted to feel totally opposite to that. This was a brand-new exercise in writing for me because it’s someone’s biography. Someone else’s life. Their journey; read, re-read, noted, then rewritten by myself a few times to fit into a few minutes, and then translated poetically. It’s completely factual but it also needs to artistically represent and coincide with the work of this person, using writing tricks as tools the way one would use charcoal, a palette knife or a brush, all while still presenting its narrative. I’m proud of it and will also never do it again haha. I think there are a lot of clever moments that have come out of this for me but mainly, the story just feels personal and one I know many, many, many artists parallel to as well. It’s hard, it’s tough, we’re scared we won’t succeed and we’re thankful for the people around us who think that we might.”

The Vendettas – “6 Ft Under”

Next up is a great rock track from Australian band, Vendettas – catchy and easy to listen to, incredibly radio friendly, with great riffs to round it all out. From The Band: “THE VENDETTAS stay true to their classic rock roots with their latest single, ‘6 Ft Under’ which is out now on all digital platforms, through Golden Robot Records. ‘6 Ft Under’ captures every essence of a great rock song, with its thumping rhythm section, soaring guitars and vocal hook that will instantly get stuck in your head.”

Matthew Barber – “Sing Me To Sleep”

While not technically a single, “Sing Me To Sleep” is a song from Matthew Barber’s new EP, No Singing or Dancing. This song was co-written with Justin Rutledge, and is a melancholy track with gorgeous vocals and instruments that really set a mood. From The Artist:  It is the only song that was written before 2020 and had its genesis several years earlier when Barber and Rutledge were co-writing songs for a theatrical production of The Graduate. It was then only an instrumental but words were added later by Barber and the echo of Simon and Garfunkel arguably remains.