Your playlists could use a little updating, and we’ve got just the songs you need. Check out this week’s new tracks, along with mini-reviews and artist info – in this collection we’ve got everything from the usual indie and alt rock to a riot grrrl/60s girl group mash-up, so there’s something for (almost) everyone!

Ahbril – “Hands on the Wheel”

This one is a head bopper for sure – a great rock tune with a catchy bassline and killer energy. I highly suggest turning it waaay up. From the Band: “Ahbril is an American alternative rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah. With energetic and emotive vocals delivered by Ryan Jordan (Greenwheel) and unapologetic assertive guitars by Gunther Fischli (Eixo) and Rick McNerny (The Dirty Sunshine); Ahbril delivers uniquely creative arrangements supported by Karlov Argueta (bass) and George Llanes (drums). Lyrics are are poignant commentaries on the realities of modern life, always with a touch of humor.”

Turin Brakes – “World Like That”

This song is a great fusion of alt rock and and indie folk, with fantastic vocals and melodies. Great for a variety of audiences and music tastes. From the Band: “New album ‘Wide Eyed Nowhere’ + tour for fall 2022. First track ‘World Like That’ is inspired by the imagery of wild fires on the Californian coast, protesting the direction the world appears to be .”

Mewn – “Two Days”

Honestly, this song is just so cool. That’s the best way I can describe it. There’s a juxtoposition of sounds that are so different but work incredibly well together, and the result is refreshingly unique. From The Band: “Mewn offer an antidote of sincerity against the indifference of modern culture, set apart from their contemporaries by their emotional resonance and a more heartfelt approach to their social and political critique. With a reliance on piano and synthesizer, Mewn’s sound is a rich, layered blend of acoustic and electronic instruments.” 

Lost Cat – “L.O.S.T.”

If you’re not moving along to this song as you listen, start it over and listen again. Love that it’s such a great mesh of a 60s girl group and more modern riot grrrl sounds. From the Band: “In this first mystery driven episode of Lost Cat’s upcoming video mini series, the group gets caught between the claws of an evil villainess who aims to take down the rockin’ band of Femme Fatales. However, Lost Cat is not going down without a fight! ‘L.O.S.T.’ is the first of three action packed video/episodes which feature their upcoming singles out this month on Lolipop Records! Tune in this month to find out the fate of Los Angeles’ favorite new girl group Lost Cat!”

Dead Pay Rent – “Pressure”

Killer guitar riffs and alt rock energy in this track, with intense lyrics and hard-hitting drums. Really diggin’ this sound! From the Band: “This song is about the pressure of being in a relationship that is not meant to be.” 

Dubinski – “Soothsayer”

Here’s the new single from UK band Dubinski – great driving guitar riffs, catchy chorus, and an overall likeable track. From The Band: “Featuring sinister guitar riffs and a dark chord progression, ‘Soothsayer’ is wrapped around imaginative lyrics lead singer Eugene Gaine wrote while sleep deprived from working night shifts. Soothsayer tells the story of someone who repeatedly visits a torturous fortune teller, one who predicts only horrific events for the clearly masochistic customer to expect in the future.”

BLOODHONEY – “You’re Right”

Here’s a catchy energetic pop-rock song from BLOODHONEY – and this one sounds like a hit. “You’re Right” would appeal to the commercial rock fans, and the more discerning ones. It’s accessible, but still keeps its edge. From the Band: “This is the second song from BLOODHONEY, produced by John Espy of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. This direction of this song was a more direct blend of pop and rock”

Crooked Crow – “From Home”

I’m ending this week’s 8 Tracks with a local artist who recently reached out to us. He has a fantastic singer-songwriter / indie folk style project, and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from him. In the meantime, be sure to give this new song a listen. From The Artist: “I’ve recorded this partially in my bedroom in St. Catharines, partially in my apartment in Copenhagen where I have been living for the year, and partially in a friend’s back yard. To be honest, this song was written at the start of the pandemic with a very literal meaning behind the lyrics. However, since then, I have been through many life changes, more specifically a long-distance relationship after moving to Copenhagen, and this song has begun to take on a deeper meaning to me.”