Learn about these artists and listen to the latest and greatest in this week’s “8 Tracks” collection!

TheWorst – “Monomania”

Love the way the drums hit in this song. It has a great nineties indie rock sound – an overall great tune, as expected form this band. From the Band: “The third single from theWorst’s (the band ALT-PRESS calls “..the glorious love child of Joan Jett & Kurt Cobain,” forthcoming 2nd album, ‘Yes Regrets.’ Monomania was produced by Will Holland (Pixies, Fall Out Boy) and features guest drummer Nikki Glaspie (Beyoncé, The Nth Power). The new album, which also features members of Morphine, The Distillers, SeepeopleS and more, drops on June 3 on RascalZ RecordZ. The music video was created by Joshua James Hand (Birdtheory)

Roye Trout – “Dreamers”

This one is a head bopper – an almost shoegazey indie sound, with catchy guitar riffs and solid lyrics. From the Band: “Dreamers,” is written with the hope that listeners can empathize with the complex feelings of frustration and fulfillment that musicians often experience. For many artists, the pursuit of their craft is seen by others as an unsustainable passion and generally a poor decision. There’s a perverse irony in the idea that an artist often earns respect not based on the merits of their creation, but on their success in growing an audience.

Bloods ft. Laura Jan Grace – “I Like You”

Here’s a new track from Australian band Bloods, featuring guest vocals by the one and only Laura Jane Grace. A fantastic song on its own, and the guest vocals only help to push it over the top.From the Band: “I knew I wanted it to be a duet and our friend and label owner Cayle decided to be bold and dream big and asked Laura Jane Grace if she’d be interested in being involved. Laura is an ICON, so it goes without saying we lost our minds when she got back to us and said she liked the song and wanted to sing on it. Laura’s voice is so immediate and perfect, it has taken the song to a whole new level. It’s a total honour and dream to have Laura involved.”

RUHMER – “Change”

Another cool track from Austrian band, RUHMER. It’s sultry alt rock with an infectious groove and great vocals. From the Band: “RUHMER deals with those who are lagging behind, the ones who follow and those who make them fall in line – and establishes an anthem for individualism and change.”

Sweet Pill – “Wilde”

LA band Sweet Pill have a great rock sound with memorable melodies and killer riffs. From the Band: “Through their music, Sweet Pill exemplifies respect, determination, and honesty. As a local DIY band, they strive to make every release better than the last. They aim to grow musically with their audience and become completely transparent with their faults, missteps, and successes. Cheers to the musical process and long live rock n roll!”

Amacio Favor – “Hate To Love”

Here’s a grunge style song with a modernized twist. Great vocals and fuzzy, sludgey riffs. From the Artist: “This was created in the studio. Amacio Favor vocal evokes the prowess of Chris Cornell, the guitar riffs have a driving Jerry Cantrell-style with a modern twist, and the drums are rock solid.” 

Electric Enemy – “Therapy 2”

Really diggin’ this new track from UK band Electroc Enemy – it’s solid garage/alt rock with a sexy Homme-esque vibe to the vocals and and big energy in the chorus. From the Band: “The new single ‘Therapy 2’ completes the 5 track EP ‘The Therapy Sessions’ which came to life in cooperation with long term collaborator Sam Miller (Alberta Cross, Razorlight). It is nihilism, depression, and angst all in one. The song begins with the lyrics ‘Today i shot my own reflection, I didn’t like the way it looked at me’ which was inspired by Jim’s own mental breakdown, where he literally lost his mind and avoided to look into any mirror for a whole year. ’Therapy 2’ is a tough sounding song, but it celebrates the acceptance of your flaws. By addressing the topic with the typical Electric Enemy styled portion of dark humour woven into the drama listening to the 5 tracks of the new EP becomes a Rock’n’Roll fun ride which to your own surprise leaves you in a much better mood than before you started ‘The Therapy Sessions’. “

Dagger Hearts – “Waves”

The latest from Dagger Hearts shows the new sound the band has been working on in the past little while – the result is slick yet fuzzy garage rock /alt rock. From the Band: “It’s about unrequited love and being delusional while thinking the other person loves you back”