8 Tracks

If you’re looking for killer new music, this is for you – we’ve got eight fantastic new tracks, plus mini reviews, and words from the bands and artists. Check ’em out, turn ’em up, and find your new favourites!

Multi Ultra – “It’s Not Summer (Without You)”

Here’s an upbeat, catchy-as-hell new single from Multi Ultra – such an infectious chorus, you can’t help but move along to it (but go ahead and try… I dare you). This is the perfect summer rock track! From The Band:After winning Nashville’s 2023 Music City Mayhem battle of the bands, we wanted to put out our hottest, most uplifting anthem yet.


Back Alley Gospel – “Hello Heartbreak” 

Another killer high energy track from Back Alley Gospel – love their pop-tinged punk sound, perfect for fans of Gaslight Anthem, The Menzingers, and similar acts. The mix of accessible, catchy melodies and fast-paced punk guitar and drums is infectious. From The Band: An upbeat punk rock track about staying resilient in the face of loss and adversity. 


Vonnegut Hardware – “Apocalypse Blues”

Catchy alt-rock is up next, from Vonnegut Hardware (and I love the band name, for anyone who cares). There’s a bit of a 90s indie vibe to this, with the catchiness and vocal style – this is the kind of rock you’re gonna wanna dance to. From The Band:“This song was somewhat the genesis of this full band version of Vonnegut Hardware. One of the things that really got me through 2020 and all that accompanied it was writing songs, and I wrote dozens of songs. Some of them are on these recordings we just did, and will be on future releases. But this song really came together more with the full band. This is a spooky alt rock song with a goofy honky tonk chorus. I think that the best response to absurd horror is laughter. Sometimes all you can do to push through things is crank up your guitar and have a good time”


The Dirty Nil – “Blowing Up Things In The Woods” 

More new Nil from their brand new album, Free Rein to Passion – “Blowing Up Things in the Woods” is another melodic rocker, with a video featuring Hamilton’s own B.A. Johnston. Give it a watch, then do yourself a favour and go listen to the new album in its entirety! From The Band:“Following up on the previously shared “Nicer Guy” and “Celebration” visuals, the trio have also dropped a new music video for “Blowing Up Things In The Woods,” an ode to the simple joys of fireworks, explosions, and pyrotechnic annihilation and an homage to their adolescence.


Mike Leon – “The Little Things”

Singer-songwriter (and brand new dad!) Mike Leon recently released his second single, the follow-up to “Bright Side” and the latest song from his upcoming EP, Ticket Home. “The Little Things” has further cemented Mike as a musician to watch, with the songwriting chops and knack for melody seen in longtime Canadian music legends. Give the new song a listen, then go check out our recent Q&A feature


Kasador – “Quit Your Crying” 

Another stellar track from Kasador – I still haven’t got their last single out of my head, and now here’s a new one to join it. This is a great summer song, with solid indie rock energy and catchiness. From The Band:Recorded at Bathouse Studio with The Glorious Sons’ Brett Emmons producing and Nyles Spencer (Half Moon Run, July Talk) engineering, it’s a bright, punkish, emotional guitar-rock record that ultimately tracks the process of learning to be okay with not being okay. Vic Florencia (Olivia Rodrigo, Jason Mraz, Five For Fighting) mixed the record and Peter Letros (Beyonce, Duran Duran) mastered. Hurled into uncertainty, Kasador embraced the fact that things won’t—can’t—last forever, working together to make sense of the gap between youthful dreams and very adult realities. People often put up a hardened exterior to protect themselves, but underneath that exterior is a vulnerable and genuine human experience. “Quit Your Crying” is an unapologetic anthem delving into the very real frustrations that stem from watching a meaningful relationship crumble before your eyes and resorting to putting up barriers in response.


Sincerely, Iris – “Love On The Screen”

If you like bluesy garage rock, this new tune from Sincerely, Iris is right up your alley – love the melodies and vocals, and the guitar is just insanely captivating. Turn this up! From The Band:If The Cars went on a road trip with The Queens of the Stone Age. Blues rock on a 4-String License Plate Guitar. Love in the modern age. From the brand new album “Love in a Time of Disaster.”


Chasing Kites – “Two Towns”

The latest from UK band Chasing Kites is an accessible indie rock track, with standout guitar riffs. Melodic and moody, with enough energy to have you bopping your head along with it. From The Band:“Two Towns dives into the frustration of having a relationship taken away from you through no fault of your own. It also explores the period of time immediately after the relationship’s breakdown, when you’re unable to keep your ex partner off your mind even when you’re sleeping.”