Lucifers Beard

Shrewsbury, UK-based artist Lucifers Beard released his latest single “Mr Invisible” at the end of April. Written, recorded, and produced at this home studio, the recent single is a call out to extroverted behaviour as a means to disguise our true self.

The production process was led by mimicking the core meaning of the song with depth and excitement,” says the artist about the new single. “Boutique hand wired analogue equipment was used for tracking and mixing. I think analogue equipment is more capable of a truer representation of the recorded source material and hopefully this was achieved with exciting guitar tones, a deep rhythm section and vibrant vocals. The mastering stage of the production continued this ethos by using an established analogue mastering suite in Leeds.

“Mr Invisible” is gritty and grungy from the get-go, bringing the rock energy immediately. One thing this song isn’t: boring. Listeners will be easily captivated throughout, with the pace and style changes, melodic vocals, hard-hitting drums and killer riffs. As soon as you think you have the song figured out, a new sound emerges – always fitting, but never repetitive. You’d better listen to this one a few times to really get a grip on it – and do yourself a favourite, and turn it waaaay up!

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