8 Tracks

If you’re not looking for new songs to become obsessed with, then this isn’t the post for you. Because all eight of these new tracks are certified “bangers”, as the kids say. (Do the kids still say that?) Check out the mini reviews and words from the artist, then turn these songs waaaay up.

Halfloves – “C U Later”

The latest from Halfloves is a groovy slowburn verse to a big, catchy chorus. Solid indie rock with a glossy alt-pop feel. From The Band:We recorded this song in a barn in a cornfield that’s home to one of the most incredible studios around. It was transplanted from NYC where, in its previous life was called the Magic Shop and now assumes its current identity as the Magic Barn with 100% of the gear being meticulously reassembled in a literal barn. The last album made in the studio before it was moved was David Bowie’s last album.


Silverstein – “Poison Pill”

The latest from Silverstein is a huge track, with the hard-hitting, riff-driven alt rock sound and powerful vocals you can always expect from the band. From The Band:“Almost a year later, it’s super exciting to celebrate my favourite album we’ve ever made with some extra songs and alternate versions,” shares frontman Shane Told. “‘Poison Pill’ was one of my favourite songs from the Misery Made Me sessions, but I wasn’t sure it completely fit in with the rest of the album. But, it was so catchy, and had so many cool tones and textures we wanted to save it for this moment and really show a different emotion and feel from the rest of the album. The song inspired us to throwback to some of the music videos we grew up with, and it’s one of the most fun videos we’ve ever done. I think it captures the feel of the music perfectly.”


Mister Rabbit – “Subtle Tribute”

Another stellar track from Mister Rabbit. There’s such a solid 90s indie rock sound here, but with a modern twist. Like the Singles soundtrack, if the movie was about cool Gen Xers. (For the young folks – that’s a compliment. Pardon me while I show my age here.) From The Band:“Their debut album, End of History Illusion, features the focus track “Subtle Tribute” which is a song about wanting to be wanted, and how important that simple fact can be to people’s self-worth. Frontman Jeff van Helvoort spent a lot of time throughout his teens and twenties trying to deal with unrequited love and he wrote this song while he was in search of that. The title comes from one of the song lyrics which references “Hold My Life” by The Replacements, hence the “Subtle Tribute” to those much-admired songwriters. “


Rebounder – “Dreamland”

Here’s a hit of summer for your springtime! This funky, boppy tune has a great indie pop appeal and rock edge. Infectious as hell, it’s hard not to like. From the Band: The ultimate escape, “Dreamland is about closing your eyes and wanting to go somewhere else, and waking up 6 to 8 hours later realizing maybe where you are is where you are supposed to be,” confides Dylan Chenfeld, frontman of the band. The single features indie sleaze sonic textures under spirited memorable melodies for a pop-laced indie rock affair. The video was directed by playwright, director, Jazz baroness Vogue Giambri.


Jam Merchants – “2:1”

Upbeat, catchy alt-rock from UK band, Jam Merchants. This one will have you moving in your seat and singing along before the song’s finished. From The Band: “2:1 is an upbeat modern rock song about the struggles of being a student, from late night study to mounting debt. Rock fans this is a MUST listen!”


Mononegatives – “Television Funeral”

Another killer punk / post-punk track from Mononegatives – fast paced, frenetic, and bold, this one will have you moving right along to it. From The Band: “In the past nothing could be recorded so most things were forgotten. Now everything can be recorded and it’s usually nothing we want to remember. Television Funeral can be seen as an entire albums worth of ideas presented into one recording, one catchy enough that you hopefully will want to remember but also one caustic enough that makes it hard to forget.”


Brandon Wolfe Scott – “Slow Transmission”

Here’s the latest from Brandon Wolfe Scott (also a member of Yukon Blonde), from his brand new EP Slow Transmission. It’s a mellow, Americana-style track, with captivating vocals and a twangy, country-infused guitar tone. From The Artist:“Slow Transmission” is my vague existential metaphor about longing to go somewhere compelling and different from my everyday life. Our current economic situation doesn’t allow for much forward motion or growth, so I’m constantly checking in with myself about my future as an artist; is this sustainable? Is my relationship with my art healthy? And what will life look like in 20 years’ time, realistically?” asks Brandon. “Furthermore, this song is an ode to my used, 23 year old Honda CRV that I refer to as Mert (it’s myrtle green). When driving around the city, I find it to be a meditative space where I write the majority of my song melodies, and lyrics. It’s also very useful for testing out mixes on, if a recording sounds good on Mert’s system then it’ll sound good anywhere! Even though it has the slowest transmission ever and struggles to get up hills, Mert has always been a reliable freedom machine, and I often say that it’s the best thing I ever bought.


Forty Feet Tall – “We Can’t Go Back to Normal

The Portland rockers are back with another fantastic track. Fuzzy, energetic, and intense, with huge vocals and lyrics that’ll give you something to think about. Turn it up! From The Band:“This is our most blatantly political, angry song we’ve made. Cole wrote the lyrics pretty freshly off of protests and it talks about very specific events that happened in Portland, as well as much broader problems that everyone experienced and continues to experience. We fell into this mantra, “we can’t go back to normal”, which seemed to synthesize it all into a sentence. Whatever so many of us considered “normal” was brutality.”