8 Tracks

The weekend is here, and we’ve got 8 new tracks to add to your playlists – check out the mini review, learn more from the artists, and then turn these tunes waaaaay up.

da nang – “Don’t Hate Me”

Great mix of 90s rock and modern indie rock, with compelling riffs and catchy melodies. Really looking forward to hearing more from this band. From The Band: “social anxieties and fear of being my authentic self made it near impossible for me to feel comfortable making music. There were no out and open musicians at the time who I could relate to, certainly not Asian ones. ‘don’t hate me’ is a retrospective anthem for that queer adolescent kid who so desperately wanted out.”

The Lad Classic – “Feelin’ High”

Another instantly likeable track from The Lad Classic – big energy, catchy chorus, and a groovy, seductive feel to the verses. From The Band: Their latest offering, “Feelin’ High,” is about meeting someone who instantly lifts you up because of the connection you feel to who they are as a person and how you vibe together. Not because of what they do for a living, or what they wear, or how much money they have.

Forge The Sun – “Burn The Witch”

This track has a solid mix of classic rock and modern hard rock. The guitars are the stars of this single, matched only by the powerhouse vocals. This is a must listen for any rock fan! From The Band: “High energy Detroit rock and roll with progressive, southern, and blues rock influences. This song is all about finding your inner power and self-worth.”

The Super Soakers – “The World Is Always Ending”

Love the latest track from Netherlands band, The Super Soakers – perfect for fans of Fontaines D.C. and IDLES, this is raw, gritty garage rock with depth and driving energy. From The Band: The song is about doomism, an imagination crisis, the defabrication of the idea of a future. Doomism stops thoughts, and enables hedonism or apathy. The song is part of an EP in which the overlapping theme is the current socio-political context we live in with the neoliberal order, a collection of crises and growing inequality and a more conservative pseudo-religious political backlash coming from that.


James Blonde – “FOMO”

Another new banger from fellow Niagara dwellers, James Blonde! “FOMO” has hard-hitting drums, a huge chorus, and stellar rock energy. In true James Blonde fashion, this one will be stuck in your head for quite awhile. From The Band: “FOMO was an important song for us to make. It fully encapsulates this popular feeling among the band members where we miss out on alot of life from having such a different schedule to others, and sometimes feeling too drained to muster the energy to go out and do things that could otherwise be fun. We wrote this song with a big and busy chorus with high-energy guitar riffs trying to match the energy of the song with the expectations we build in our minds of “what could be” that we might miss out on. In contrast,we wrote a more somber & slightly chaotic crescendoing verse to match the building anxiety that comes along with the Fear Of Missing Out. FOMO was a truly collaborative songwriting experience for James Blonde, with each member contributing core elements of the song, which was elevated and polished in the studio by the incredible Aaron Murray as producer.”


William Bleak – “Until you sleep”

Some stellar post-punk styles for the list this week. William Bleak’s latest is moody yet energetic, with deep, catchy vocals. Turn this one up! From The Band: “”Until you sleep” off the debut album “Viva Lost Love” is about coping with loss and accepting your life for what it is.”


Overdrawn – “Jump Start My Heart”

This is the first song I’ve come across from Malta-based band, Overdrawn. This is solid alt rock – great melodies and vocals, big chorus, stellar energy. Looking forward to hearing more from them! From The Band: “Jumpstart My Heart is an alternative rock song about feeling alive again when you find new love and a reason to be. We’re very influenced by rock music and bands that came out in the 90s. Foo Fighters are our main influence along with bands like soundgarden, queens of the stone age, weezer, incubus and such. I love how another reviewer put it, saying that we sound like weezer on steroids. And that makes sense. Overdrawn, our band name, to us means being over the top and extreme”


Hayes Noble – “What I See”

This is some killer, fuzzy punk-tinged alt-rock – gritty yet melodic, with stellar energy and driving guitar. From The Band: With Head Cleaner, Hayes debuts a fuzzy, tube driven, 450 watt wall of sound. Recorded and mixed on 2” tape by Daytrotter co-founder and analog guru Pat Stolley, Head Cleaner captures the seventeen year old clearing his mind with earsplitting shoegaze and mellow noise. Sheets of feedback collide with driving beats and abrasive hooks. Straightforward lyrics move from subdued delivery to impassioned shouts, compounding the youthful sincerity. The album recalls the sounds of 90’s indie guitar heroes, with shards of Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and Superchunk, breaking through a bedrock of fuzzed out post-hardcore.