8 Tracks

We’ve got eight new tracks that deserve your attention and your ears – check out the mini reviews, learn more from the artists, and turn ’em up!

Mcclendon – “The Garden”

There’s a moody, sexy vibe to this track, created by the low vocals and overall groove to it. It’s a fantastic and compelling sound, with a captivating chorus and solid melodies.  From the Band:“”The Garden” is the title track to a new record dropping in May 2023. As categorized by a few musician friends who have heard it ahead of time “Dark Desert Wave””

VIQUEEN – “Smoke and Mirrors”

Huge sound right out of the gate with this track – stellar heavy energy, fast-paced drums and riffs, and killer vocals. This is thrash metal meets riot-grrl at its absolute best. From the Band:VIQUEEN (VY-kween, like viking) is an all-female powerhouse featuring heavy sound and thoughtful melodies. While based out of San Francisco and Portland, Maine, their roots are widespread. The conglomeration of backgrounds results in a unique sound that highlights elements of East Coast Metal, Americana, and the Riotgrrrl movement. 

The Man Who – “Lose My Mind”

The latest from The Man Who is groovy, catchy, and hard not to dance to. There’s an almost Talking Heads-like feel to it, which I love. This sounds like a hit, with compelling vocals, great energy, and enough edge to add a layer of mystery. From The Band: “New single, “Lose My Mind,” touches on the hangover brain fog – the next day’s souvenir of a great time. “

Vaquelin – “Social Cyanide”

Love the moodiness of this – from a mellow slow burn verse to an aggressive chorus, this song is compelling as hell and well worth your attention. From The Band: With our sophomore album on the horizon, ‘Social Cyanide’ boldly asserts itself as the new and exciting direction for our band’s sound. Revelling in the quiet/loud dynamic popularised by the likes of the Pixies and Nirvana, ‘Cyanide’ breathes new life into modern alternative rock, injecting a raw sense of rage, melancholy, and vulnerability through its sonic chaos.

Wild Rivers – “Don’t”

Canadian trio Wild Rivers is back with an indie pop single with impeccable vocals, and a moody vibe. It’s hard not to get swept up by the lyrics, and the chorus will stay with you long after you’ve listened.  From the Band: “I’ve heard the adage my whole life: when you know, you know. People describe love at first sight as an irrevocable moment when you know you want to be with someone forever. I’m not sure it always shakes out like that. In my experience, as you get to know someone, you slowly come closer to knowing. It boils down to making an active decision to choose someone or not. If not, you try to make a really painful, adult decision to move on, and you try to trust that it’s the right decision even when it’s hard. This song is about making that call.”

Spark of Life – “Song of Hope”

Killer punk-meets-alt-rock track with great energy and catchy vocals. The melodies create a more accessible sound sure to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Plus – Fred Armisen! You can never go wrong with Fred Armisen. From The Band:“A melodic punk track laced with a shimmering vintage guitar line and lyrics about facing a devastating loss. Centered around the songwriting nucleus of singer Steve Jennings and guitarist Nicholas Piscitello, the band recruited actor, comedian, and drummer Fred Armisen to play on the song.” 

Salvador Dassi – “Bod Rock”

Great fuzz-filled garage rock with stellar guitar riffs and rock edginess. Excited to hear more from this Norwegian musician! From the Artist: “Bod rock is kind of an ironic song.. or maybe not ironic, but its way overboard and out there on purpose.. my wish was that people would get stink-face and laugh when listening to it.”

Bad Habits – “On The Run”

Big, killer rock energy, stellar vocals – this is a fast-paced track that’ll get you moving. The perfect song to close out this 8 Tracks Collection! From The Band: “On the Run” is our set closing track and the crowd favorite in every show, since day one. It serves as a middle finger to anyone trying to bring you down while you’re pursuing your dreams in music, anyone trying to talk you into a boring conservative life, and anyone who doesn’t accept you for who you are.