Secret Lung

The members of Australia-based trio Secret Lung are each longtime musicians, coming together to create a project that combines their love of punk rock, emo, indie and blues. They’ve just released their debut single, “Phantom Limbs”, a song that features guitarist Jess Porter and bassist Brycey trading vocal jabs that culminate in the song’s epic climax, where each fights to be the first to move on.

“I actually have been sitting on this track for years and it never seemed to have the right vehicle – until Evan and Bryce got their hands on it and it suddenly came to life,” says Porter of the single. “It’s a song about a jerk I was in love with years ago when I was a lot more tempted by emotionally unavailable men. He hurt me, I got a great song out of it – good trade, really. I think most people will find it pretty easy to relate to.”

“Phantom Limbs” has huge energy right out of the gate, with killer vocal melodies that immediately grab the listener. Such an infectious sound here, the song is as catchy as it is hard-hitting. There are certain bands that just knock you on your ass the first time you hear them – this is one of those instances. Secret Lung has managed to forge their own path into rock music with melody and pop sensibilities, while balancing it with more than enough edge to keep it from being an overly commercialized sound. Judging from the power and fierceness of this single, this is undoubtedly an amazing band to see live.

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